10 Facts about Edinburgh

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Find out the informative Facts about Edinburgh in the below article. In Scotland, it serves as the capital city. The city was a home for 464,990 people for the official report in 2016. Thus, it was called as the second most populated city in Scotland. The city region was occupied by 1,339,380 people according to a report in 2014. Why don’t you look at the whole post about Edinburgh below?

Facts about Edinburgh 1: the importance

The importance of Edinburgh was traced since its history with Kingdom of Scotland. Since 15th century, it has served as the capital of Scotland. The seat of Scottish monarchy and Parliament is housed in the city.

Facts about Edinburgh 2: the major institutions

Edinburgh is a home for the major institutions in Scotland such as National Library of Scotland, National Museum of Scotland, Scottish National Gallery and General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Look at facts about Durham here.

Edinburgh Facts

Edinburgh Facts

Facts about Edinburgh 3: a center of education

Edinburgh has been known as a center of education of Scotland. The people who want to pursue higher education may study engineering, sciences, literature, Scots law, and medicine. Get facts about Durham NC here.

Facts about Edinburgh 4: University of Edinburgh

In 1582, University of Edinburgh was established. In 2013 and 2014, QS World University Rankings place it at the 17th place.

Edinburgh Pictures

Edinburgh Pictures

Facts about Edinburgh 5: the famous festivals

The two major festivals celebrated in Edinburgh include the Fringe and Edinburgh International Festival. The largest one is the Fringe.

Facts about Edinburgh 6: tourism

Tourism is a great industry in Edinburgh. It is considered as the second most visited city by the tourists after London in United Kingdom. Around one million tourists come to Edinburgh to enjoy their vacation.

Facts about Edinburgh

Facts about Edinburgh

Facts about Edinburgh 7: the historical buildings

Georgian New Town, St. Giles Church, Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle are the famous historical sites in the city. UNESCO World Heritage Site is awarded for Old Town and New Town of Edinburgh.

Facts about Edinburgh 8: climate

Even though the city is located in northern latitude, it has mild condition. Just like other parts of Scotland, it has maritime and temperate climate.



Facts about Edinburgh 9: economy

Brewing, publishing and banking were the primary sources of economy for Edinburgh in 19th century.  Today, tourism, education, scientific research and financial services are the major economic sources.

Facts about Edinburgh 10: Edinburgh International Festival

Since 1947, Edinburgh International Festival has been celebrated in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Image

Edinburgh Image

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