10 Facts about Edinburgh Castle

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Why don’t you check Facts about Edinburgh Castle to know the famous history fortress located in Scotland? You just have to go to the city of Edinburgh to know this impressive castle rock, which dominates the skyline of the city. The castle has been occupied by human being since the second century AD or Iron Age. However, the information related to the earlier inhabitation of the rock is not known precisely. Let us get other interesting facts about Edinburgh Castle below:

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 1: David I

The rock had been featured with a royal castle in 12th century. At that time, David I was on the reign. Until 1633, it served as the residence of the royal family.

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 2: the role of castle

The role of the castle changed over the period. It was not as the royal residence in 15th century. It was used as a military barracks in 17th century. Get facts about Dudley Castle here.

Edinburgh Castle Facts

Edinburgh Castle Facts

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 3: the importance of the building

The building appeared as an important part of national heritage in Scotland by 19th century. People launched a number of restoration programs to preserve and protect Edinburgh Castle. Look at facts about Dracula’s Castle here.

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 4: the historical conflicts

It had become the witness of a various conflicts in the history of Scotland.  Its involvement was spotted in Jacobite Rising in 1745 and 14th-century Wars of Scottish Independence.

Edinburgh Castle Map

Edinburgh Castle Map

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 5: the number of conflicts

The historical evidence in 2014 found out that 26 sieges had occurred in the castle for the last 1100 years. There is no need to wonder that this castle is included in the list of the most attacked buildings in the world and the most besieged places in Britain.

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 6: the oldest building

The oldest building in Edinburgh is located in the castle, which features St Margaret’s Chapel. It was dated back in the beginning of 12 century.

Edinburgh Castle Pictures

Edinburgh Castle Pictures

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 7: the Scottish regalia

The National War Museum of Scotland and Scottish National War Memorial are located in the Scottish regalia.

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 8: the British Army

The British Army is still present in Edinburgh Castle even though their role is administrative and ceremonial.

Facts about Edinburgh Castle

Facts about Edinburgh Castle

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 9: tourism

Tourism is flourished in Edinburgh Castle. Many people come to the castle to enjoy the view and visit the regimental museums.

Facts about Edinburgh Castle 10: the visitors

In 2013, Edinburgh Castle was visited by 1.4 million people.

Edinburgh Castle Image

Edinburgh Castle Image

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