10 Facts about Edith Cavell

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Facts about Edith Cavell talk about the famous British nurse. She was born on December 4th, 1865 and died on October 12th, 1915. Her full name was Edith Louisa Cavell. During World War 1, she assisted 200 soldiers of the allies to escape from Belgium controlled by Germans. Cavell did not discriminate the soldiers for she saved both lives. Cavell was sentenced to death because of her involvement in the escape of 200 soldiers. She was accused of treason. Let us find out other interesting facts about Edith Cavell below:

Facts about Edith Cavell 1: execution

Cavell was executed by a German firing squad though Germany was pressed by the international world to give mercy to her. After she was executed, the press coverage was extensive.  The act was also condemned.

Facts about Edith Cavell 2: Anglican beliefs

Cavell was a devoted Anglican, which gave compassion for all people without discrimination. He supported the Allied and German soldiers.

Edith Cavell Facts

Edith Cavell Facts

Facts about Edith Cavell 3: commemoration

On October 12, the Calendar of Saints of Church of England commemorates Cavell.

Facts about Edith Cavell 4: the fame of Cavell

In Belgium, Cavell is noted as a pioneer of modern nursing. She was executed at the age of 49. Get facts about Doris Lessing here.

Edith Cavell Nurse

Edith Cavell Nurse

Facts about Edith Cavell 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Cavell was located in Swardeston. Her mother was Louisa Sophia Cavell. Her father was Reverend Frederick. Even though the family only had a meager earning, her parents taught her to share with others in need.

Facts about Edith Cavell 6: education

Cavell attended Norwich High School for Girls. In 1890 until 1895, she became a governess. Then she was taught by Matron Eva Luckes at London Hospital to become a nurse. Check facts about Being a Nurse here.

Edith Cavell Pic

Edith Cavell Pic

Facts about Edith Cavell 7: as a nurse

After completing her nurse training, she worked in a number of hospitals. Dr Antoine Depage appointed her as a matron for a nursing school in Brussels in 1907. She became a mentor for 13 kindergartens, 24 schools and 3 hospitals in Belgium in 1911.

Facts about Edith Cavell 8: arrest

On August 3, 1915, Cavell was arrested due to her action for helping the allied soldiers to escape. She was kept for 10 weeks in Saint-Gilles prison.

Facts about Edith Cavell

Facts about Edith Cavell

Facts about Edith Cavell 9: death penalty

Cavell had a death sentence in the court of Germany. United Kingdom could do nothing to save her life.

Facts about Edith Cavell 10: Baron von der Lancken

Baron von der Lancken argued that Cavell should earn mercy because she saved lives of the Allies and German soldiers.

Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell

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