10 Facts about Edith Cowan

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Let us find out the interesting information about the Australian politician and social campaigner on Facts about Edith Cowan. She was born on August 2nd, 1861 and died on June 9th, 1932. She was known as Edith Dircksey Cowan. She was famous as the first female who sat at the parliament of Australia. The birthplace of Cowan was located at Glengarry near Geraldton, Western Australia. Her mother was a teacher named Mary Eliza Dircksey Wittenoom. Her father was a pastoralist named Kenneth Brown.

Facts about Edith Cowan 1: the death of her mother

In 1868, her mother passed away because of childbirth.  Then she settled in a boarding school in Perth. Misses Cowan ran the school.

Facts about Edith Cowan 2: the trial of her father

Her father earned a hanging sentence for murder, which shattered the teenage life of Edith in 1876. It made her appeared as a solitary person. However, she developed an intention to secure the life of mothers and children.

Edith Cowan Facts

Edith Cowan Facts

Facts about Edith Cowan 3: living with her grandmother

She decided to live with her grandmother after leaving the boarding school. She was educated in a school of Canon Sweeting. Septimus Burt and John Forrest were the notable men who had received education under Sweeting.

Facts about Edith Cowan 4: the influence of Sweeting

Edith was interested with reading, books and education when she was educated under Sweeting. Look at facts about Ed Hardy here.

Edith Cowan Pictures

Edith Cowan Pictures

Facts about Edith Cowan 5: the focus of Cowan

Cowan struggled for the sake of women and children by focusing on the legal system with social injustices and issues. Karrakatta Club was established due to the involvement of Cowan in 1894. She was appointed as the president of the club.

Facts about Edith Cowan 6: the vote for women

In 1899, the women were granted with a vote after the women’s suffrage was successful with their campaign. The club was involved in the suffrage. Check facts about Edgar Lee Masters here.

Facts about Edith Cowan

Facts about Edith Cowan

Facts about Edith Cowan 7: welfare issue

Cowan decided to focus on the welfare issue related to the life of prostitutes, children, and women’s health.

Facts about Edith Cowan 8: committees

Cowan was involved in a number of committees of welfare and women’s organizations. One of her biggest efforts was related to the establishment of Perth’s King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women in 1916.

Edith Cowan Money

Edith Cowan Money

Facts about Edith Cowan 9: a freemason

Do you know that Cowan was a Freemason? She was appointed in 1916.

Facts about Edith Cowan 10: the Children’s Protection Society

The Children’s Protection Society was established by Cowan since she believed that kids were not adults.

Edith Cowan Pic

Edith Cowan Pic

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