10 Facts about Edith Stein

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Check Facts about Edith Stein to inform you with the German Jewish philosopher. She was born on October 12th, 1891 and died on August 9th, 1942. Stein was also called as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Stein became a Discalced Carmelite nun after converting her religion into Roman Catholicism. Now the Catholic Church recognizes her as a saint and a martyr. Here are the complete facts about Edith Stein to notice:

Facts about Edith Stein 1: the family background

Stein was from Jewish family. During her teenage years, she embraced atheism.

Facts about Edith Stein 2: a nursing assistant

Stein became a nursing assistant after she was trained. The First World War moved her feeling to help others. She was employed to prevent the outbreaks of diseases in hospitals.

edith stein facts

edith stein facts

Facts about Edith Stein 3: assistantship

University of Freiburg awarded Stein with University of Freiburg after she graduated from University of Göttingen in 1916 by finishing her doctoral thesis.

Facts about Edith Stein 4: Catholic faith

Stein decided to embrace the catholic faith after she read the works of Carmelite Order, Teresa of Ávila.  The Roman Catholic Church baptized her on January 1, 1922. Find facts about Edith Cavell here.

facts about edith stein

facts about edith stein

Facts about Edith Stein 5: aspiration

Stein was interested to be a Discalced Carmelite nun. In Speyer, she became a teacher for a Catholic school. She had to let go the teaching post due to the Nazi requirement related to Aryan Certificate.

Facts about Edith Stein 6: the religious name

Stein earned the religious name of Teresa Benedicta of the Cross after she was ordered as a novice in April 1934.

edith stein pic

edith stein pic

Facts about Edith Stein 7: living in the Netherlands

For the safety of Edith and her sister Rosa from Nazi, they had to live in Netherlands. Both lived in Carmelite.

Facts about Edith Stein 8: arrest

On August 2, 1942, Nazi arrested them. They had to live in Auschwitz concentration camp. On August 9, 1942, Stein passed away in a gas chamber. Get facts about Edith Cowan here.

edith stein image

edith stein image

Facts about Edith Stein 9: Stein’s life

The life of Stein inspired a play created by Arthur Giron. In 1988, the Pittsburgh Public Theater produced the play. The childhood home of Stein was adorned with a memorial Stolperstein in 2008.

Facts about Edith Stein 10: in popular culture

Emily Leah Silverman published a book about Edith Stein in 2014. The title was Edith Stein and Regina Jonas: Religious Visionaries in the Time of the Death Camps.

edith stein

edith stein

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