10 Facts about Edith Wharton

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Why don’t you look at Facts about Edith Wharton to know the celebrated American novelist? She was also known as a designer and short storywriter. Her birth name was Edith Newbold Jones. She was born on 24th January 1862 and died on 11th August 1937. Wharton had received a Pulitzer Prize due to her work. In 1927, 1928 and 1930, she earned a nomination for Nobel Prize in literature. Let us find out other facts about Edith Wharton:

Facts about Edith Wharton 1: the works of Wharton

The short stories and novels reflected the psychological and social themes that she wrote with humorous style.

Facts about Edith Wharton 2: the acquaintances

During her life, Wharton had known the famous public figures and literary figures. She was well acquainted with Theodore Roosevelt.

Edith Wharton 1889

Edith Wharton 1889

Facts about Edith Wharton 3: parents and birthplace

The birthplace of Wharton was located at 14 West Twenty-Third Street in New York City. Her parents were Lucretia Stevens Rhinelander and George Frederic Jones. She was often called Pussy Jones by her family and friends.

Facts about Edith Wharton 4: the first journey to Europe

Wharton had her first visit to Europe when she was four years old. Edith loved travelling due to her father.  The main destinations visited by Wharton when she was in Europe included England, France and Italy. She had gone to North Africa by visiting Morocco.

Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton

Facts about Edith Wharton 5: books

Some books of Wharton were inspired from her experiences travelling in Europe.

Facts about Edith Wharton 6: husband

Edith married Edward Wharton. The couple enjoyed traveling together. Her husband liked to spend the time in Italy.

Edith Wharton Image

Edith Wharton Image

Facts about Edith Wharton 7: the trip to Aegean islands

The trip to reach the Aegean Island cost $10,000 when Edith was 26 years old. During the trip, she created a journal of her journey. It was published under the title The Cruise of the Vanadis.

Facts about Edith Wharton 8: Pulitzer Prize for literature

In 1921, Edith was awarded with Pulitzer Prize for literature due to her work The Age of Innocence published in 1920.

facts about Edith Wharton

facts about Edith Wharton

Facts about Edith Wharton 9: the notable friends

The notable friends of Wharton included Bernard Berenson, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry James, André Gide, Kenneth Clark and Jean Cocteau.

Facts about Edith Wharton 10: languages

Wharton mastered a number of languages like German, Italian and French.

Edith Wharton Facts

Edith Wharton Facts

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