10 Facts about Edmonton

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You will be informed with a capital city of Alberta on Facts about Edmonton. Alberta is one of the provinces in Canada. Have you visited Edmonton before? The central region of Alberta is found around Edmonton. It is a home for 932,546 people according to the report in 2016. In Alberta, it takes the record as the second largest city. The metropolitan area of Edmonton was a home for 1,321,426 people. Here are other interesting facts about Edmonton:

Facts about Edmonton 1: the population

The people who live in Edmonton are called Edmontonian. It is a home for more than a million people.

Facts about Edmonton 2: the historic growth

The historic growth of Edmonton was spotted via the incorporation of Jasper Place, Beverly, West Edmonton, North Edmonton and Strathcona. In 1982, the annexation ended.

Edmonton Facts

Edmonton Facts

Facts about Edmonton 3: the title

Edmonton is always known as the Gateway to the North. In the Northwest Territories, Edmonton is known due to its large diamond mine. It also has a large oil sand project.

Facts about Edmonton 4: the importance

Edmonton is an important city in Alberta. It takes the status as an education, governmental and cultural center. Check facts about East London South Africa here.

Edmonton Image

Edmonton Image

Facts about Edmonton 5: the nickname

Edmonton is nicknamed as a Festival City in Canada because many festivals are held all year around in the city.

Facts about Edmonton 6: West Edmonton Mall

Have you ever heard about West Edmonton Mall? It is considered as the largest mall in North America. In 1981 until 2004, it took the record as the largest mall in the world.



Facts about Edmonton 7: the largest living history museum

Do you know that the largest living history museum in Canada is located in Edmonton? It is called Fort Edmonton Park.

Facts about Edmonton 8: climate

Can you define the climate of Edmonton? It has humid continent climate. Compared to climate in Winnipeg and Regina, it has milder winter season. Get facts about Edinburgh here.

Facts about Edmonton

Facts about Edmonton

Facts about Edmonton 9: economy

The central and northern Alberta has its vital economic source in Edmonton. The oil and gas industry is also found in Edmonton.

Facts about Edmonton 10: the famous wall

Besides West Edmonton Mall, the city is also a home of other malls like Northgate Centre, Southgate Centre, Edmonton City Centre, Kingsway Mall and Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre.

Edmonton Pic

Edmonton Pic

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