10 Facts about Edmund Barton

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Get the important details about the politician from Australia on Facts about Edmund Barton. He was born on January 18th, 1849 and died on January 7th, 1920. Sir Edmund Barton was also known as a judge. In 1901 until 1903, he was in the office as the first Prime Minister for Australia. The High Court of Australia was established by Barton. Before he served as a prime minister, Barton had his career as a member of parliament for New South Wales in 1879.

Facts about Edmund Barton 1: resign

In 1903, Barton decided to resign as a Prime Minister of Australia for he took the role as a judge of High Court in Australia. He held this position until he died in 1920.

Facts about Edmund Barton 2: a Speaker

Barton was appointed as a Speaker for the Legislative Assembly in 1882.  He took the position of President of University of Sydney Union in 1884. Sir Henry Parkes commenced him as the Legislative Council in 1887.

Edmund Barton Facts

Edmund Barton Facts

Facts about Edmund Barton 3: federation

The formation of federation of Australia was highly supported by Barton. During the National Australasian Convention in March 1891, he became a delegate.  He stated that a federal Australia should support the free trade in the convention.

Facts about Edmund Barton 4: Sir Edmund Barton Memorial

If you are interested to know Sir Edmund Barton Memorial, you just have to go to Barton, Australian Capital Territory. The sculptor was Marc Clark. Look at facts about Edgar Lee Masters here.

Edmund Barton Statue

Edmund Barton Statue

Facts about Edmund Barton 5: the doubt

The leadership of Barton as the first Prime Minister in Australia was doubted by few people who believed he did not deserve the position.

Facts about Edmund Barton 6: the negotiation

The negotiation related to the selection of prime minister and ministry was tense.  On 1st January 1901, Barton and his ministry were sworn.

Facts about Edmund Barton

Facts about Edmund Barton

Facts about Edmund Barton 7: the government of Barton

Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs were the positions held by Barton. The Attorney-General was at the hand of Alfred Deakin. Minister for Trade and Customs was Charles Kingston. Read facts about Edith Stein here.

Facts about Edmund Barton 8: the primary assignment

The major assignment for Barton’s government was to launch and manage the first federal election.

Edmund Barton

Edmund Barton

Facts about Edmund Barton 9: the nickname

The Bulletin called him “Toby Tosspot” due to his interest to have good wine and long dinner.

Facts about Edmund Barton 10: the successor

Alfred Deakin was the successor of Barton who took the office on September 24th, 1903.

Edmund Barton Pictures

Edmund Barton Pictures

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