10 Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald

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Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald present the information about an American Green Lakes freighter. The full name was SS Edmund Fitzgerald. It had 29 crew during its sinking on 10 November 1975 due to a storm in Lake Superior.  On the Great Lakes of North America, she took the record as the largest ship. On 7th June 1958, it was launched. The largest ship, which sunk in the Great Lakes, was Edmund Fitzgerald. Here are other impressive facts to notice about Edmund Fitzgerald:

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 1: the function

Do you know the primary duty of Edmund Fitzgerald? Before it was sunk, the ship transported taconite iron ore to iron works located in Toledo, Detroit and other ports in Great Lakes from the mines located nearby Duluth, Minnesota.

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 2: the haul records

The seasonal haul records were broken by Edmund Fitzgerald for six times since she was known as a workhorse.

Edmund Fitzgerald 1971

Edmund Fitzgerald 1971

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 3: Captain Peter Pulcer

Captain Peter Pulcer liked to entertain the audiences by piping music from the intercom of Edmund Fitzgerald. Find facts about cruise ship here.

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 4: the boat watchers

Edmund Fitzgerald was very popular among the boat watchers due to its record-breaking performance, DJ captain, and big size.

Edmund Fitzgerald Facts

Edmund Fitzgerald Facts

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 5: the ill-fated voyage

On the afternoon of 9 November 1975, Edmund Fitzgerald sailed from Superior, Wisconsin will a full cargo of ore pellets. She was under the command of Captain Ernest M. McSorley. It will join SS Arthur M. Anderson as the second freighter at a steel mill located nearby Detroit.

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 6: a severe storm

A severe storm occurred on Lake Superior and caught both ships. The height of the waves reached 11 metres or 35 feet.

Edmund Fitzgerald

Edmund Fitzgerald

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 7: the sinking ship

The ship sank in Ontario waters with the depth of 160 metres or 530 feet after 7:10 pm. All crew were vanished. Until today, people cannot find their bodies. Get facts about EasyJet here.

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 8: the cause of sinking

Speculation still arises related to the causes of her sinking. The examination about it has been conducted in expeditions, studies and books.

Edmund Fitzgerald Trackline

Edmund Fitzgerald Trackline

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 9: the best-known disaster

In the history of Great Lakes shipping, the sinking of Edmund Fitzgerald is the best-known one.

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald 10: the regulations and practices

After the sinking, regulations and practices of Great Lakes shipping were improved.

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald

Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald

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