10 Facts about Edmund Spenser

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You will get the information about English poet on Facts about Edmund Spenser. He was born in 1552 or 1553. He died on January 13th, 1599. The works of Spenser celebrated the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I and her Tudor Dynasty seen in his fantastical allegory. The famous work of Spenser was the epic poem under the title Faerie Queene. Here are other interesting facts about Edmund Spenser to notice:

Facts about Edmund Spenser 1: as a poet

Spenser was noted as one of the notable poets in English literature. People recognized him as one of the pioneers of nascent Modern English verse.

Facts about Edmund Spenser 2: the influence

The Irish faerie mythology influenced the works of Spenser. He noted the mythology due to Elizabeth Boyle, his Irish wife and his home located at Kilcolman.

Edmund Spenser Pic

Edmund Spenser Pic

Facts about Edmund Spenser 3: leaving for Ireland

Spenser decided to reach Ireland during the war because of his view against the Gaelic culture.  At that time, his house was burned. Find facts about Edmund Campion here.

Facts about Edmund Spenser 4: education

Spenser attended the Merchant Taylors’ School in London when he was a young boy. Then he was educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge to matriculate as a sizar.

Edmund Spenser Pictures

Edmund Spenser Pictures

Facts about Edmund Spenser 5: The Faerie Queene

The Faerie Queene was published in 1590 in London. The Queen gave him £50 a year for a life pension.

Facts about Edmund Spenser 6: Mother Hubberd’s Tale

Mother Hubberd’s Tale was the work of Spenser, which made Lord Burghley, antagonized William Cecil, the primary secretary of the Queen. It made him stay in Ireland even though he wanted to use his poetry to secure his post in the Queen’s court.

Edmund Spenser

Edmund Spenser

Facts about Edmund Spenser 7: the death of his wife

His first wife passed away in 1594. Then Spenser married Elizabeth Boyle in that very same year. The couple had a son.

Facts about Edmund Spenser 8: A View of the Present State of Ireland

A View of the Present State of Ireland was a prose pamphlet written by Spenser in 1596. In the mid-17th century, the poem began to publish. It was not circulated during his life because of the inflammatory content. Look at facts about Edmund Hillary here.

Facts about Edmund Spenser

Facts about Edmund Spenser

Facts about Edmund Spenser 9: the Nine Years War

The native Irish forces of Aodh Ó Néill made Spenser leave his house during the Nine Years War in 1598.

Facts about Edmund Spenser 10: death

Spenser died at the age of 46 in 1599 in London after he had to flee from his home.

Edmund Spenser Facts

Edmund Spenser Facts

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