10 Facts about Education in Africa

Sunday, June 11th 2017. | Education

Have you ever thought about education in Africa?  The following post will tell you about it. Facts about education in Africa give us the insight about the educational system in the continent. Not all children who live in the sub-Saharan Africa get the best education. The report by UNESCO stated that only 57 percent of the African kids attended the primary schools. Compared any region in the world, Africa has the lowest number of student enrollment. Here are other useful facts about Education in Africa:

Facts about Education in Africa 1: gender inequalities

Gender inequalities in Africa are also related on the student enrollment. The numbers of boys who go to school are higher than that of girls.

Facts about Education in Africa 2: how to increase the enrollment

The student enrollment is tried to increase using a number of initiatives such as school meals, investment for teaching resources and infrastructure and abolition of school fees.

education in africa image

education in africa image

Facts about Education in Africa 3: the students in sub-Saharan Africa

Only 79 percent of children in sub-Saharan Africa were enrolled at primary schools as of 2013.

Facts about Education in Africa 4: a new goal

In 2030, a set of Sustainable Development Goals was established by United Nations due to the expired MDGs in 2015. Check facts about Brown V. Board of Education here.

education in africa pic

education in africa pic

Facts about Education in Africa 5: language

Language is considered as primary problem for most schools in Africa. The teachers and students do not speak French or English as their native languages. The students who had to follow schools using a second language had poorer result. On the other hand, the lack of proficiency took place when the students schooled in their native language.

Facts about Education in Africa 6: literacy

Since 1950, a recommendation has been made by UNESCO so that all African students would teach their students with early literacy. However, the implementation of it was not effective.

education in africa

education in africa

Facts about Education in Africa 7: switching language

The students were forced to speak French or English before they were capable to learn both.

Facts about Education in Africa 8: facilities

Facilities of education in Africa were very low. That is why the education rate was low. Moreover, the opportunity to get education was not equal in the countries. Get facts about education in Australia here.

facts about education in africa

facts about education in africa

Facts about Education in Africa 9: teachers

Most schools were not capable to get high quality teachers because of the low payment in the remote regions of Africa.

Facts about Education in Africa 10: the big cities

Those who have enough money will prefer to go to the big cities to get better education.

education in africa pictures

education in africa pictures

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