10 Facts about Edward Albee

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Facts about Edward Albee will tell the readers about the American playwright. He was born on 12th March 1928 and died on 16th September 2016. His birth name was Edward Franklin Albee III. The famous works of Albee included A Delicate Balance (1966), Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1962), The Sandbox (1959), and The Zoo Story (1958). Get the details about Albee below:

Facts about Edward Albee 1: Pulitzer Prize

Albee was awarded with Pulitzer Prize for Drama for three of his plays. He also earned Tony Award for Best Play.

Facts about Edward Albee 2: the early period

The beginning of his works represented Americanization of the Theatre of the Absurd. He focused on the psychology of sexual relationships, marriage and maturing in the middle period of his career as a playwright.

Edward Albee Facts

Edward Albee Facts

Facts about Edward Albee 3: the later period

In the later period of his career, Albee tried to explore other themes reflected in his pieces like Who Is Sylvia? Look at facts about Edith Cowan here.

Facts about Edward Albee 4: the early life

Two weeks after he was born, he was placed for adoption. He was raised in Westchester County, New York.

Edward Albee

Edward Albee

Facts about Edward Albee 5: the adoptive parents

Reed A. Albee was the adoptive father of Edward. Edward Franklin Albee II, the father of his adoptive father was the owner of some theaters. He was known as a vaudeville magnate. His adoptive mother was Frances Cotter, a socialite. She was the third wife of Reed.

Facts about Edward Albee 6: Three Tall Women

Three Tall Women was a play of Albee in 1991 where the primary character was inspired from his mother. He stated that he and his mother had conflicted relationship.

Facts about Edward Albee

Facts about Edward Albee

Facts about Edward Albee 7: education

It seems that formal education was not a big deal for Albee.  He was expelled from Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Less than one year, Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania dismissed him.  Due to his action for not coming to the class and his refusal to come to the compulsory chapel, Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut expelled him in 1947.

Facts about Edward Albee 8: leaving home

In his late teens, Albee decided to leave his house. He stated that his aspiration to become a writer was not supported by his adoptive parents in an interview in 2008. Get facts about Edmund Barton here.

Albee Old

Albee Old

Facts about Edward Albee 9: New York’s Greenwich Village

Albee wrote plays while he was doing the odd jobs to support him financially while living in Greenwich Village of New York City.

Facts about Edward Albee 10: The Zoo Story

He only needed three weeks to complete The Zoo Story, his first play. In 1959, it was performed for the first time in Berlin.



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