10 Facts about Edward Bloor

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Facts about Edward Bloor talk about the American writer. He was born on 12th October 1950. Tangerine and London Calling are the famous works of Bloor. He writes most of her works for young adults. The birthplace of Bloor was located in Trenton, New Jersey. His mother was May Cowley Bloor, while his father was Edward William. Let us get other interesting facts about Edward Bloor below:

Facts about Edward Bloor 1: education

Bloor got his education in NJ by attending Our Lady of Sorrows in Mercerville. He also got his high school education at NJ by attending Notre Dame in Lawrence.

Facts about Edward Bloor 2: the higher education

In 1973, Bloor graduated from Fordham University with Bachelor of Arts degree. Look at facts about EE Cummings here.

edward Bloor Book

edward Bloor Book

Facts about Edward Bloor 3: personal life

Let us talk about the personal life of Edward Bloor.  He married an English teacher in 1984. Her name was Pamela Dixton. The couple raises two kids.

Facts about Edward Bloor 4: the place of living

Today, Bloor settles in Winter Garden, Florida along with her family.

edward Bloor Image

edward Bloor Image

Facts about Edward Bloor 5: novels

During his career as an author, Bloor has published various kinds of novels. In 1997, Tangerine was published. It was followed by Crusader in 1999. In 2001, Story Time was published in the market.

Facts about Edward Bloor 6: other novels

Bloor also wrote other famous novels. In 2006, he published London Calling. Taken was published in 2008. Memory Lane was circulated in the market in 2010. Get facts about Edward Weston here.

edward Bloor

edward Bloor

Facts about Edward Bloor 7: the recent books

The recent books of Bloor were published in 2017 under the title Candlemas Eve.  In 2014, he published Summer of Smoke. In 2011, he made A Plague Year.

Facts about Edward Bloor 8: the awards

Do you know that novels of Bloor have received many awards? Tangerine is the recipients for American Booksellers Association Pick of the List in 1997. It also earned American Library Association Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults in the same year.  In 1998, it was nominated for Edgar Award nomination for Best Young Adult Novel.

Facts about edward Bloor

Facts about edward Bloor

Facts about Edward Bloor 9: A Plague Year

In 2012, A Plague Year earned the selection for Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award.

Facts about Edward Bloor 10: other books

Story Time was nominated for Best Young Adult Novel for Edgar Award in 2005. In 2000, Crusader made into the Young Adults’ Choices Best of the Rest.

Edward Bloor

Edward Bloor

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