10 Facts about Edward Carson

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Look at Facts about Edward Carson if you want to know the Irish unionist politician. He was recognized as Sir Edward Carson from 1900 until 1921. Edward Henry Carson was born on February 9th, 1854 and died on October 22nd, 1935.  His occupation was also as a judge and barrister.  Between 1910 and 1921, Carson served as the leader for Irish Unionist Alliance and Ulster Unionist Party even though he came from Dublin. Let us find out other interesting facts about Carson by checking the following post!

Facts about Edward Carson 1: the important positions

He was appointed as a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. Moreover, he also obtained many important positions in UK cabinet.

Facts about Edward Carson 2: a British state funeral

When he passed away, he had a British state funeral. He was among the few people who received such as a high honor.

Edward Carson Facts

Edward Carson Facts

Facts about Edward Carson 3: reputation

Carson was known as an excellent barrister. People appreciated his legal ability and advocacy. In Ireland, he was a leading figure in the field. Due to his legal oratory and wit, he was known as a master of appeal.

Facts about Edward Carson 4: Queen’s Counsel

In 1889, he took the title as the Queen’s Counsel for Ireland. Find facts about Edward Cullen here.

Edward Carson Image

Edward Carson Image

Facts about Edward Carson 5: the case against Oscar Wilde

Carson represented Marquess of Queensberry by defending him of criminal libel against Oscar Wilde in 1895. At first, Carson rejected the case. However, he decided to defend Marquess after telling the truth. Carson also took many notable cases during his career.

Facts about Edward Carson 6: political career

On 20th June 1892, Carson started his career in politics. He served as Solicitor-General for Ireland.

Edward Carson Statue

Edward Carson Statue

Facts about Edward Carson 7: general election

During the general election, Carson won the election as an MP for University of Dublin. However, the Liberals won the election, while his party lost it. He was known as a liberal unionist. Look at facts about Edward de Vere here.

Facts about Edward Carson 8: as a barrister

In 1893, The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple admitted him for the English bar. After the admission, he practiced law in London. He became a member of Privy Council in 1896.

Edward Carson

Edward Carson

Facts about Edward Carson 9: personal life

The first wife of Carson was Annette Kirwan. On April 6th, 1913, she died. On September 17th, 1914, he married Ruby Frewen.

Facts about Edward Carson 10: retirement

In October 1929, he decided to retire from his work. His large statue was revealed in July 1932.

Facts about Edward Carson

Facts about Edward Carson

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