10 Facts about Edward Cullen

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Facts about Edward Cullen narrate the information about one of the popular fictional characters in the world. Cullen is the major character in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. He is not only seen in the book series but also in the film series. The book series include Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down. Midnight Sun is an uncompleted book, which will narrate the story according the point of view Cullen.

Facts about Edward Cullen 1: who is Edward?

Cullen is described as a vampire. He falls in love with a human teen, Bella Swan. The couple also marries and has a child. Bella Swan also becomes a vampire.

Facts about Edward Cullen 2: Twilight films

Robert Pattinson is an actor who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight film series.

Edward Cullen Image

Edward Cullen Image

Facts about Edward Cullen 3: meeting Bella Swan

Bella Swan is capable to attract Edward Cullen because he cannot read her mind in Twilight. Moreover, the blood of hers is sweet. Check facts about Dracula here.

Facts about Edward Cullen 4: falling in love

Eventually he falls in love with Bella after he saves her live in a number of events. Actually, Edward tries to remove his feeling of attraction to her.

Edward Cullen Pic

Edward Cullen Pic

Facts about Edward Cullen 5: confession

He confesses to her that he is a vampire. He stated he was born on 20th June 1901. However, he looks youing due to his 17-year-old body.

Facts about Edward Cullen 6: the adoptive father

Carlisle Cullen was the adoptive father who made him into a vampire in 1918. The mother of Edward begged Carlisle to save him for he had Spanish influenza epidemic in Chicago in 1918. Thus, Carlisle bites him and makes him into a vampire.

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

Facts about Edward Cullen 7: morality

The Cullen family was unique for they developed a sense of morality. They never consider human as a food. The Cullen family is known as a vegetarian vampire.

Facts about Edward Cullen 8: marriage

Bella agrees to Mary Edward Cullen as narrated in Eclipse. However, Edward should agree one condition. The couple will only make in love when Bella is still a human being. Look at facts about Ebenezer Scrooge here.

Facts about Edward Cullen

Facts about Edward Cullen

Facts about Edward Cullen 9: the real marriage

The real marriage between Edward and Bella takes place in Breaking Down. During their honeymoon, Belle is pregnant with her half-vampire and half-human baby.

Facts about Edward Cullen 10: the physical appearance and character

Edward is described as a stubborn, determined, and polite person. He has attractive physical appearance.

Edward Cullen Facts

Edward Cullen Facts

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