10 Facts about Edward de Vere

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You will get the information about an English peer and courtier during the Elizabethan period on Facts about Edward de Vere. He was born on April 12th, 1550 and died on June 24th, 1604. He was the 17th Earl of Oxford. His contemporaries recognized him as a court playwright and a lyric poet. However, he could not retain an influential role in the government or court due to his volatile and reckless nature.  Let us check other facts about de Vere by reading the below post:

Facts about Edward de Vere 1: the authorship of Shakespeare’s works

The authorship of Shakespeare’s works is still in debate until this present day. Do you know that de Vere was included in the list as one of the alternative candidates?

Facts about Edward de Vere 2: parents

His mother was Margery Golding. His father was the 16th Earl of Oxford. His name was John de Vere.

De Vere

De Vere

Facts about Edward de Vere 3: a ward

De Vere was appointed as a ward for Queen Elizabeth after his father passed away in 1562. He had to live in the household of Sir William Cecil who earned the status as the main advisor of the Queen.

Facts about Edward de Vere 4: marriage

Anne was the daughter of William Cecil whom de Vere married. The couple was blessed with five kids. Since he did not want to acknowledge the first child as his child, he was estranged from her. Get facts about Edmund Randolph here.

Edward de Vere Work

Edward de Vere Work

Facts about Edward de Vere 5: travel

De Vere spent his life traveling in France and Italy.  One of the first persons who composed love poetry at the court of Elizabeth was de Vere.

Facts about Edward de Vere 6: the works

The works of de Vere were seen on medics, musics, religions and literature. He was also known as a good playwright. However, not all of his plays were survived.

Edward de Vere

Edward de Vere

Facts about Edward de Vere 7: Anne Vavasour

Anne Vavasour was one of the maids of honour of the Queen impregnated by de Vere. This shameless act made the Queen lost his favor on him. Look at facts about Edvard Munch here.

Facts about Edward de Vere 8: reconciliation

In 1583, de Vere and the Queen reconciled. He was granted a £1,000 annuity in 1586 to recover his financial issue.

Facts about Edward de Vere

Facts about Edward de Vere

Facts about Edward de Vere 9: Henry de Vere

Henry de Vere was an heir of De Vere along with her second wife, Elizabeth Trentham.

Facts about Edward de Vere 10: death

In 1604, de Vere passed away. Almost all of his inherited estates were lost at the time of his death.

Edward de Vere Facts

Edward de Vere Facts

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