10 Facts about Edward Elgar

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Facts about Edward Elgar tell the readers about the notable English composer. He was born on June 2nd, 1857 and died on February 23rd, 1934. People also recognized him as the first Baronet.  The works of Elgar have been performed in the international classical concerts in various parts of the world. The Enigma Variations, the Pomp and Circumstance Marches are among the famous works of Elgar. He also created two symphonies and concertos for violin and cello. Here are other details about Edward Elgar:

Facts about Edward Elgar 1: other works

Elgar also created other works. He wrote songs, chamber music and choral works. In 1924, he took the title as Master of the King’s Musick.

Facts about Edward Elgar 2: influence

The music of Edgar was heavily influenced by the continental Europe even though he was an English man. He considered himself as a self-taught composer. He was not an academic.

Edward Elgar 1917

Edward Elgar 1917

Facts about Edward Elgar 3: struggle

Even though Elgar was a great musician, he had to struggle hard until his 40s to achieve recognition and success from the public. The most popular one of his work was Enigma Variations (1899) which earned success in Britain and international world. Find facts about Edvard Munch here.

Facts about Edward Elgar 4: the life in his 50s

A symphony and a violin concerto of Elgar were very successful and popular. He composed both in his 50s.

Edward Elgar

Edward Elgar

Facts about Edward Elgar 5: a regular place

Elgar had to work to find his place in regular concert repertory in British orchestras for his cello concerto and second symphony were not widely accepted by the public.

Facts about Edward Elgar 6: revival

Even after his death, his music was still less popular for a generation. However, the new recording of his works increased his popularity in 1960s as a part of revival. Look at facts about Edmund Spenser here.

William and Ann Elgar

William and Ann Elgar

Facts about Edward Elgar 7: gramophone

Do you know that the first composer who used gramophone extensively was Elgar?

Facts about Edward Elgar 8: acoustic recording

Elgar had acoustic recordings on his musical works from 1914 until 1925. It was possible to produce an accurate sound reproduction due to the invention of moving-coil microphone in 1923.

Edward Elgar Facts

Edward Elgar Facts

Facts about Edward Elgar 9: the birthplace

The birthplace of Elgar was located in Lower Broadheath, England.

Facts about Edward Elgar 10: a reputation as a composer

He developed a reputation as a composer in 1890s. He earned a moderate success with Caractacus (1898) and The Light of Life (1896).

Edward Elgar Birthplace

Edward Elgar Birthplace

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