10 Facts about Edward Hargraves

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Look at the information about the gold prospector on Facts about Edward Hargraves. He was born on October 7th, 1816. His full name was Edward Hammond Hargraves. He died on October 29th, 1891. Hargraves rose to prominence because he claimed that he discovered gold in 1851 in Austria. His claim marked a new era in Australia for it triggered Australian gold rush. Here are the complete facts about Hargraves below:

Facts about Edward Hargraves 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Hargraves was located in Gosport, Hampshire, England.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 2: parents

His mother was Elizabeth Hargraves. His father was Lieutenant John Edward Hargraves. Edward was the third son in the family.

Edward Hargraves Facts

Edward Hargraves Facts

Facts about Edward Hargraves 3: education

Hargraves was enrolled at Brighton Gramm School located in England. He also studied in Lewes.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 4: California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush was an important event in history of United States. It attracted many people to look for gold in California. The people from different states of US and other parts of the world tried to seek for gold including Hargraves. However, he had unsuccessful prospecting there. Get facts about Edward Elgar here.

Facts about Edward Hargraves

Facts about Edward Hargraves

Facts about Edward Hargraves 5: finding gold in Australia

His life changed after he discovered five specks of gold in Lewis Ponds Creek in New South Wales, Australia along with John Lister on February 12, 1851.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 6: continuing the search

Hargraves continued the discovery of gold by getting a help from other people.  In March, he came back to Sydney to interview Colonial Secretary. He urged his friends at Bathurst to inform about the rich field of gold in Australia to Sydney Morning Herald.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Facts about Edward Hargraves 7: the reward

Due to his discovery, he earned £10,000 from the government of New South Wales. He also got an important position as a Commissioner of Crown Lands. He was paid £5,000 by the Government of Victoria. Due to the protest from James Lister, the funds were frozen for he claimed to have £2,381. Find facts about Edward Hopper here.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 8: who discovered the goldfield?

Hargraves took the credit as the first person who discovered the goldfield according to an enquiry in 1853. However, John Lister and James Tom were credited as the first persons who found the first goldfield according to the second enquiry held on October 29th, 1891. It was shortly before the death of Hargraves.

Edward Hargraves

Edward Hargraves

Facts about Edward Hargraves 9: pension

Government of New South Wales granted him with £250 per year of pension in 1877.

Facts about Edward Hargraves 10: book

In 1855, his book about Australia and its Goldfield was published.

Edward Hargraves Pic

Edward Hargraves Pic

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