10 Facts about Edward Hopper

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Facts about Edward Hopper talk about a notable realist painter from United States. He was also known as a printmaker. Hopper was born on 22nd July 1882 and died on 15th May 1967. People also recognized him due to his impressive watercolors though he was more popular due to oil paintings. His works reflected the modern American life in his rural and urban scenes. Let us find out other interesting facts about Edward Hopper below:

Facts about Edward Hopper 1: the birthplace of Hopper

Do you know the birthplace of Hopper? He was born in Upper Nyack, New York.

Facts about Edward Hopper 2: parents

His father Garret Henry Hopper was a dry-goods merchant. His mother was Elizabeth Griffiths Smith.

Edward Hopper 1918

Edward Hopper 1918

Facts about Edward Hopper 3: the early life

The women like the grandmother, Hopper’s mother, sister and house cleaner dominated the household. He and his sister grew up in a strict Baptist home. Both were enrolled in private and public schools.

Facts about Edward Hopper 4: the Edward Hopper House Art Center

The Edward Hopper House Art Center is located in the birthplace and boyhood home of Edward Hopper. In 2000, the building was enlisted on National Register of Historic Places. Check facts about Edward de Vere here.

Edward Hopper Cover

Edward Hopper Cover

Facts about Edward Hopper 5: the importance of Edward House Art Center

Edward House Art Center plays an important role in the cultural community. It hosts special events, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and performances.

Facts about Edward Hopper 6: the talent

Since he was five years old, Hopper had displayed his impressive talent of drawing. Moreover, he also did well at the grade school. His artistic talent was encouraged by his parents. He was supplied with illustrated books, instructional magazines, and materials.

Edward Hopper Summer Interior

Edward Hopper Summer Interior

Facts about Edward Hopper 7: the teenage years

He was capable of making political cartoons and creating natural drawing using oil, watercolor, charcoal and pen-and-ink. Find facts about Edward de Bono here.

Facts about Edward Hopper 8: the first signed oil painting

Rowboat in Rocky Cove was the first title of his first signed oil painting in 1895.

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper

Facts about Edward Hopper 9: selling the first painting

The first painting that Hopper sold was Sailing (1911) during Armory Show in 1913 with the price of $250.

Facts about Edward Hopper 10: etching

He turned his art into etching in 1915. He used this medium to create 70 works. Most of them depicted the urban scenes of New York and Paris.

Facts about Edward Hopper

Facts about Edward Hopper

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