10 Facts about Edward I

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Facts about Edward I tell the readers about the King of England in 1272 until 1307. He was born on 17 or 18 June 1239 and died on 7th July 1307. He was also entitled as the Hammer of the Scots and Edward Longshanks. During his period as a king, he focused more on the reformation of common law and royal administration. However, his attention was distracted by the military affairs. Let us find out other interesting facts about Edward I below:

Facts about Edward I 1: Henry III

Henry III was the father of Edward. However, Edward sided with the English barons in 1259. After Edward and Henry III reconciled, he supported his father during the Second Barons’ War.

Facts about Edward I 2: as a hostage

Edward I became a hostage under the hand of the rebellious barons after the Battle of Lewes. He was capable to join Simon de Montfort after escaping from the barons.

Edward I Facts

Edward I Facts

Facts about Edward I 3: Battle of Evesham

In 1265, the barons were capable to defeat Montford at Battle of Evesham. Edward was capable to eradicate the rebellion in two years. Find facts about Edmund Halley here.

Facts about Edward I 4: Ninth Crusade

Do you know that Edward I also participated in the Ninth Crusade? He went to the Holy Land after England was in peace.

Edward I Image

Edward I Image

Facts about Edward I 5: returning to England

In 1272, Edward I returned to England. He was informed about the death of his father. In 1274, he arrived in England. On August 19, he became the king of England.

Facts about Edward I 6: rebellion

In 1276 until 1277, a minor rebellion in Wales was suppressed by Edward. He had a full-scale war to suppress the second rebellion in 1282 until 1283. Look at facts about Edvard Munch here.

Edward I

Edward I

Facts about Edward I 7: the position of Wales

Wales was a subject to English rule after Edward I had a successful campaign. The Welsh lived along with the English people. Moreover, he also established towns and castles there.

Facts about Edward I 8: Scotland

After making Wales as a subject, he focused on Scotland. However, he had to deal with the problems in England. The crises occurred because of extensive military campaigns.

Facts about Edward I

Facts about Edward I

Facts about Edward I 9: the death of Edward I

In 1307, Edward I died without having solved the problems at home and Scotland.

Facts about Edward I 10: Edward II

The successor of Edward I was Edward II, his son. He had to deal with political and financial problems in England and ongoing war with Scotland.

Edward I Pic

Edward I Pic

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