10 Facts about Edward II

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Facts about Edward II will inform the readers with the King of England who took the throne in 1307 until January 1327. He was deposed as a king. People also call him Edward Caernarfon. He was born on April 25th, 1284 and died on September 21st, 1327. His father was Edward I. He became the heir of English throne after Alphonso, his older brother passed away. Actually, he was the fourth son in the family. Why don’t you look at the following post for more details about Edward II?

Facts about Edward II 1: the campaign

His father had a campaign to Scotland. Edward II participated in the campaign in 1300. He had a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 1306 to make him as a knight.

Facts about Edward II 2: personal life

His wife was the daughter of the powerful King Philip IV, Isabella of France. The couple married in 1308. The marriage had the purpose to reduce the tension between France and England.

Edward II Facts

Edward II Facts

Facts about Edward II 3: Piers Gaveston

In 1300, Piers Gaveston was included in the household of Edward II. The relationship between both was considered controversial. Some people believe that they were friends or sworn brothers. Others believe that they were lovers. Check facts about Edvard Munch here.

Facts about Edward II 4: exile

Edward II was forced to exile Gaveston due to his power and arrogance.  The French royal family and barons disliked Galveston’s nature. Edward was under the pressure of the barons to agree with the Ordinances of 1311 during the return of Gaveston. The barons responded his return by banishing him from the court. However, Edward recalled his favorite by revoking the reforms.

Edward II Image

Edward II Image

Facts about Edward II 5: the execution of Gaveston

The execution of Gaveston was conducted by a group of Barons with Earl of Lancaster or the cousin of Edward II served as the leader.  This action led into armed confrontation, which took places several years.

Facts about Edward II 6: Battle of Bannockburn

In 1314, Battle of Bannockburn took place, which marked the defeat of Edward II by Robert the Bruce. Criticism related to his reign occurred after famine followed the battle.

Edward II Tomb

Edward II Tomb

Facts about Edward II 7: The Despenser family

The King was forced to exile the Despenser family who served as his advisers and closer friends by the barons and Lancaster. King executed Lancaster after a short military campaign. Get facts about Edward de Vere here.

Facts about Edward II 8: another opposition

Isabella, his wife became his opponent when she rejected to return to England and was against him after negotiating a peace treaty in 1325 in France.

Facts about Edward II

Facts about Edward II

Facts about Edward II 9: invasion

In 1326, England was invaded by a small army of Isabella and Roger Mortimer. In November, he was captured after fleeing to Wales.

Facts about Edward II 10: death

On September 21st, Edward II died at Berkeley Castle.

Edward II Pic

Edward II Pic

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