10 Facts about Edward III

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Facts about Edward III inform us with a King of England who took the throne on January 25th, 1327 until his death on June 21st, 1377. He was born on November 13th, 1312. He was the son of Edward II. His father embraced the unorthodox and disastrous reign. Edward III was capable to solve the problems left behind by his father. Most people also recognized him due to his successful military campaign. Let us find out other interesting facts about Edward III below:

Facts about Edward III 1: military

In Europe, Edward III was successful to create the army of his kingdom as the powerful one in Europe.

Facts about Edward III 2: the reign

Edward III became a king of England for fifty years. In medieval England, he had the second longest reign. He saw the Black Death and evolution of English parliament during his reign as a king.

Edward III Facts

Edward III Facts

Facts about Edward III 3:  the beginning of his reign

Isabella of France was the mother of Edward III who deposed his father, Edward II from his reign with the help of her lover, Roger Mortimer. Edward III became the king of England when he was 14 years old. See facts about Edward de Bono here.

Facts about Edward III 4: the de factor ruler

The de factor ruler was Mortimer. Edward III launched a successful coup against him and established his personal kingdom. He claimed to be the heir of French throne in 1337 after conducting a successful campaign in Scotland. However, France denied his claim.

Edward III Groat

Edward III Groat

Facts about Edward III 5: the Hundred Years’ War

The Hundred Years’ War began because of the denial of Edward III’s claim on the French throne. The war led into the establishment of Treaty of Brétigny.

Facts about Edward III 6: the later years

The domestic problems and international failure marked the later years of Edward III. The primary reasons were due to his poor health and inactivity.

Edward III Map

Edward III Map

Facts about Edward III 7: the nature of Edward III

Warfare was the primary interest of Edward III.  Therefore, he was known as a conventional king.

Facts about Edward III 8: the historians

The historians had different point of view about Edward III. The Whig historians believed that he was an irresponsible adventurer. On the other hand, modern historians began to praise his achievement. Get facts about Edward Hopper here.

Edward III

Edward III

Facts about Edward III 9: the early and later reign

The early years of his reign were characterized by the successful and energetic years. However, the political strife and military failure characterized his later years.

Facts about Edward III 10: death of the king

Edward III died on June 21st, 1376. The son of Black Prince, King Richard II became his successor. He was the grandson of Edward III.

facts about Edward III

facts about Edward III

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