10 Facts about Edward Jenner

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Facts about Edward Jenner narrate the information about an English physician. He was born on May 17th, 1749 and died on January 26th, 1823. The first vaccine in the world was invented by Jenner. He was a pioneer in smallpox vaccine. Jenner made the term Variolae vaccinae popular. It means smallpox of the cow. It was the origin of the terms vaccination or vaccine. Cowpox was denoted by Jenner under the term Variolae vaccinae. Here are other interesting facts about Edward Jenner:

Facts about Edward Jenner 1: the inquiry

Jenner stated that cowpox had protective effect against smallpox in his inquiry in 1798.

Facts about Edward Jenner 2: the title

Jenner took the title as the father of immunology due to his contribution for saving the life of people.

Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner

Facts about Edward Jenner 3: zoology

Jenner also focused on the field of zoology.  The brood parasitism on the cuckoo was first described by Jenner. Do you know that he also served as member in Royal Society?

Facts about Edward Jenner 4: a great British

Jenner is cited as a great British man due to his works. In the list of 100 Greatest Britons on BBC, he was included in 2002. See facts about Edward Elgar here.

Facts about Edward Jenner and Zoology

Facts about Edward Jenner and Zoology

Facts about Edward Jenner 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Jenner was located in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. His full name was Edward Anthony Jenner. There were nine kids in the family. Jenner was the eighth child. His father served as the vicar of Berkeley. His name was Reverent Stephen Jenner. There is no need to wonder that Edward earned great basic education during his early life.

Facts about Edward Jenner 6: Royal Society

After he published a study about the life of a nested cuckoo, he was appointed as the fellow for Royal Society in 1788. This study involved dissection, experiment and observation.

edward jenner Pic

edward jenner Pic

Facts about Edward Jenner 7: marriage

In March 1788, Jenner and Catherine Kingscote married. She died because of tuberculosis in 1815.  People believed he was having an experiment with balloons while meeting his future wife. Get facts about Edward Hopper here.

Facts about Edward Jenner 8: an MD

In 1792, University of St Andrews awarded him with an MD. People understand more about angina pectoris because of the work of Jenner.

edward jenner

edward jenner

Facts about Edward Jenner 9: creating the first vaccine

Jenner created the first vaccine of smallpox by inoculating a virus similar to smallpox called cowpox to James Phipps. It would create immunity in the body of Phipps.

Facts about Edward Jenner 10: the Jennerian Society

Jenner focused on eradicating smallpox when he became the president of Jennerian Society in London in 1803.

Edward Jenner Fact

Edward Jenner Fact

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