10 Facts about Edward John Eyre

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I will tell you the interesting Facts about Edward John Eyre. He was born on August 5th, 1815 and died on November 30th, 1901. This man was known as a controversial governor of Jamaica. He was also known as a colonial administrator. People also recognize him for his exploration in Australian continent. The birthplace of Eyre was located in Whipsnade, Bedfordshire. He was christened after the family relocated to Hornsea, Yorkshire. Let us get the details about Eyre by reading the following post:

Facts about Edward John Eyre 1: parents

His mother was Sarah, while his father was Rev. Anthony William Eyre.

Facts about Edward John Eyre 2: education

Eyre decided not to follow the army to go to the university. He decided to relocate to Sydney after finishing his grammar school at Louth and Sedberg.

Facts about Edward Lear

Facts about Edward Lear

Facts about Edward John Eyre 3: experience

Eyre was capable to develop his experience in Australian continent after he made friends with the notable men and friends.

Facts about Edward John Eyre 4: a flock owner

Before his 18th birthday, Eyre was capable to purchase 400 lambs. He was known as a flock owner. Look at facts about Edward Elgar here.

Edward Lear

Edward Lear

Facts about Edward John Eyre 5: the foundation of South Australia

Eyre had purchased 600 cattle and 1,000 sheep from Monaco, New South Wales during the foundation of South Australia. He gained a very large profit after selling them.

Facts about Edward John Eyre 6: exploration

He was interested to do an exploration on the interior of South Australia using the money that he gained from selling cattle and sheep. He had two different expeditions.  He explored west to beyond Ceduna and north to Flinders Ranges.

Edward Lear Painting

Edward Lear Painting

Facts about Edward John Eyre 7: the trip

The trip that Eyre conducted to Albany, Western Australia had the distance of 2,000 miles. He was accompanied by Wylie, an aboriginal man.

Facts about Edward John Eyre 8: John Baxter

Actually, he conducted an expedition along with three aboriginal men and John Baxter. However, Baxter was killed by two of the aboriginal men on April 29th, 1841. Their supplies were taken by them. Get Facts about Edward Jenner here.

Edward Lear Facts

Edward Lear Facts

Facts about Edward John Eyre 9: as a colonial governor

As I have stated before, Eyre was known as a colonial governor.  He became Lieutenant Governor of New Munster Province in New Zealand in 1848 until 1853.

Facts about Edward John Eyre 10: personal life

In 1850, Eyre and Miss Adelaide Ormond married. John Davies Ormond was the brother of Adelaide. His brother-in-law was known as a politician.

Edward Lear 1858

Edward Lear 1858

Are you impressed after reading facts about Edward John Eyre?

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