10 Facts about Edward Scissorhands

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A movie by Tim Burton is explained on Facts about Edward Scissorhands. He also served as the producer along with Denise Di Novie. This romantic dark fantasy film was released in 1990. The main star in the movie was Johnny Depp. The story was made by Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson. It was written by the latter one. Depp took the role Edward. He is an artificial man who has scissor blades as the hands. Find out other interesting facts about Edward Scissorhands by reading the below post:

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 1: Kim

Another important role in Edward Scissorhands is Kim whom Edward falls in love. She is portrayed by Winona Ryder.

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 2: other cast

Other stars in the movies include Alan Arkin, Vincent Price, Kathy Baker, Anthony Michael Hall, and Dianne Wiest.

Edward Scissorhands Facts

Edward Scissorhands Facts

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 3: film development

The development of this movie took place at 20th Century Fox. Actually, Warner Bros rejected the offer to film it. Burton hired Caroline Thompson to write the screenplay of Burton’s story. Check facts about Edmund Randolph here.

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 4: the reception

This movie brought commercial and critical success for Tim Burton.

Edward Scissorhands Pic

Edward Scissorhands Pic

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 5: filming

Filming Edward Scissorhands was conducted from 10th March until 10th June 1990 in Lakeland, Florida.

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 6: film composer

Danny Elfman was composer for the film score. It marked the fourth collaboration of Elfman and Burton.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 7: the leading role

Edward is the leading character in the movie. Before Depp joined the cast, Burton had contacted a number of great actors. Tom Hanks and Gary Oldman were not interested with the role. Burton’s meeting with Tom Cruise about the role was not successful. Get facts about Edward Jenner here.

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 8: awards

Edward Scissorhands was praised by the critics. There is no need to wonder that it was nominated for Saturn Awards, British Academy Film Awards and Academy Awards.

facts about Edward Scissorhands

facts about Edward Scissorhands

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 9: the characters

Edward Scissorhands was portrayed by Johnny Depp. Kim Boggs was played by Winona Ryder.  Vincent Prince portrayed The Inventor. Peg and Bill Boggs were portrayed by Dianne Wiest and Alan Arkin.

Facts about Edward Scissorhands 10: the first cast member

The first cast member who agreed to take part in the movie was Dianne Wiest.

Edward Scissorhands Face

Edward Scissorhands Face

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