10 Facts about Edward V

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Facts about Edward V inform the readers with the King of England. His reign began on April 9th, 1483 and ended on June 1483. He was born on November 2nd, 1470 and died circa 1483. Even though he became the king of England, Edward V had never been crowned.  Richard was the Lord Protector who influenced and dominated the short reign of Edward V. He was also his uncle. On 26th June 1483, his uncle became the king as Richard III. Let us find out other interesting facts about Edward V below:

Facts about Edward V 1: Princes in the Tower

Edward V was one of the Princes in the Tower. The other one was Duke of York, Richard of Shrewsbury. He was the younger brother of Edward V. After being sent to Tower of London, both disappeared.

Facts about Edward V 2: the role of Richard III

Richard III had been associated with the deaths of Edward V and his younger brother. However, the conflicting accounts and lack of evidences lead into other theories of their deaths.

Facts about Edward V

Facts about Edward V

Facts about Edward V 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Edward V was located in Westminster Abbey on November 2nd, 1470. Find facts about Edward II here.

Facts about Edward V 4: parents

His father was the Yorkist King Edward IV. Elizabeth Woodville was his mother. In June 1471, Edward was made Prince of Wales after the throne of Edward IV was restored. During the Wars of Roses, his father was deposed.

Edward V Image

Edward V Image

Facts about Edward V 5: the death of his father

Edward V heard the news of the sudden death of King Edward IV when he was at Ludlow. He was only 12 years old when his father passed away.

Facts about Edward V 6: Protector

Duke of Gloucester, Richard was nominated by Edward IV to be the Lord Protector of Edward V.  Richard was the brother of Edward IV.

Facts about Edward V

Facts about Edward V

Facts about Edward V 7:  the journey

Edward V had his journey from the west. On the other hand, Richard was from the north. Richard arrested Thomas Vaughan who served as the king’s chamberlain, Richard Grey (the half brother of Edward) and Earl Rivers in the morning of April 30. Actually, Richard had dined with them on the night of April 29. All of them were executed.

Facts about Edward V 8: the Tower of London

Edward V was sent into Tower of London on May 19, 1483. Check facts about Edward I here.

Edward V Fate

Edward V Fate

Facts about Edward V 9: Duke of York

Duke of York, the younger brother of Richard was sent into Tower of London to join Edward V on June 16th.

Facts about Edward V 10: in popular culture

The famous depiction of Edward was in Richard III. This play was written by Shakespeare.

Edward V Facts

Edward V Facts

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