10 Facts about Edward Weston

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You will know the interesting Facts about Edward Weston by reading the following post. This American photographer was popular in 20th century. He was born on 24 March 1886 and died on 1st January 1958. Weston was considered as an influential figure in the world of photography due to his innovation. Many subjects are captured using his stills, which included the parodies, genre scenes, portraits, landscapes, nudes and still life.

Facts about Edward Weston 1: modern photograph

The works of Weston were centered on the modern photography, which employed the Californian approach since he focused more on the depiction of American West.

Facts about Edward Weston 2: a Guggenheim Fellowship

A Guggenheim Fellowship was awarded for Weston due to his impressive work in 1937. He employed 8 x 10 view cameras, which had generated at least 1,400 negatives. Get facts about Edgar Degas here.

Facts about Edward Weston

Facts about Edward Weston

Facts about Edward Weston 3: the most notable works of Weston

Do you know the most notable works of Weston? They were the pictures of trees and rocks located at Point Lobos, California.

Facts about Edward Weston 4: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Weston was located in Highland Park, Illinois. At the age of 21, he relocated to California. Since he was young, he had realized that he wanted to be a photographer. The early work of Weston was related to the depiction of soft focus pictorialism.

Edward Weston 1946

Edward Weston 1946

Facts about Edward Weston 5: disease

Weston had to let go photography after he was diagnosed having Parkinson’s disease in 1947.  For the next 10 years, he focused on supervising the printing of 1,000 pieces of his works.

Facts about Edward Weston 6: personal life

Weston married to Floral May Chandler on 30th January 1909. She was the best friend of his sister. The couple was blessed with four sons. Check facts about Ed Fairburn here.

Edward Weston Art Pic

Edward Weston Art Pic

Facts about Edward Weston 7: Edward Chandler Weston

Edward Chandler Weston was the first son of the couple who also became an excellent photographer.

Facts about Edward Weston 8: “The Little Studio”

“The Little Studio” was the small business that Weston opened in 1910 located in Tropico.

Edward Weston Facts

Edward Weston Facts

Facts about Edward Weston 9: recognition

Weston had to struggle hard to gain recognition for his works. His works started to publish in the prominent magazines. He also became the winner for various photography competitions.

Facts about Edward Weston 10: affairs

During his life, Weston had developed a number of affairs with other women behind the back of his wife. One of them was with Tina Modotti.

Edward Weston Art

Edward Weston Art

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