10 facts about Egg Noodles

Sunday, October 22nd 2017. | Culinary

Facts about Egg Noodles give the readers the information about one of the favorite foods in the world. Many countries in the world consider egg noodles as the staple foods. They contain high level of carbohydrates and protein.  Noodles are available in a number of shapes.  People made the noodles by stretching, extruding and rolling flat the unleavened dough. The most common type of noodles in the market is in thin and long strips. However, you can also spot different shapes of noodles in shells, strings, tubes, helices and waves. Here are the other interesting facts to notice about egg noodles:

Facts about Egg Noodles 1: how to serve noodles

There are two major ways for cooking noodles. People often have them deep-fried or pan-fried.

Facts about Egg Noodles 2: the future use

If you want to use egg noodles in the future, you can keep them inside the fridge. However, it will not last longer. Storing and drying the noodle will make it last for the future.

eggs noodle

eggs noodle

Facts about Egg Noodles 3: the history of noodle

It was believed that noodles were consumed by the Chinese people dated back 4,000 years ago according to the oldest evidence.

Facts about Egg Noodles 4:  the record about noodles

A book traced back in the eastern Han period contained the oldest known written record about noodles. Look at facts about Eggs here.

eggs noodles facts

eggs noodles facts

Facts about Egg Noodles 5: a staple food

In 206 BCE until 220 CE, the people who lived in the Han Dynasty considered as noodles as their staple food.

Facts about Egg Noodles 6: instant noodles

Instant noodles are available in many markets. You can go to the supermarket to get egg noodles and cook them at home. In 1958, Japan became the first market for instant noodles invented by Momofuku Ando.

eggs noodles pic

eggs noodles pic

Facts about Egg Noodles 7: the long shelf life

The long shelf life of noodles was identified by Ando when he flash dried the bundles of fresh noodles.

Facts about Egg Noodles 8: the main ingredients of noodles

Noodles are defined according to their ingredients. In Indonesia, bakmi is a type of noodle. It will be served with chicken and meat. Get facts about Egyptian food here.

eggs noodles pictures

eggs noodles pictures

Facts about Egg Noodles 9: types of dishes

Egg noodles are also available in many types of dishes. You can choose the basic, baked, or chilled one.

Facts about Egg Noodles 10: the fried egg noodles

The fried egg noodles are also popular in the market. It is served with dairy pancit, vegetables, seafood and meat.

Facts about Egg Noodles

Facts about Egg Noodles

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