10 Facts about Eggs

Sunday, July 30th 2017. | Culinary

One of the favorite foods of the people in the world is explained on facts about eggs. They are produced from the fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Human beings have eaten eggs for more than thousands of years. The most favorite eggs are taken from birds especially chicken eggs. The egg yolk and egg white are found on the reptile and bird eggs. The eggs from caviar, roe, quail and duck are also popular besides the chicken eggs. Let us get other impressive facts about eggs below:

Facts about Eggs 1: the important nutrients

Choline and protein are the primary nutrients found in eggs. In the Food Guide Pyramid of United States Department of Agriculture, eggs are included as Meats.

Facts about Eggs 2: the health issues

The individual allergies, storage and egg quality are some factors to concern if you want to avoid the potential health issues.

Eggs Facts

Eggs Facts

Facts about Eggs 3: the importance of eggs

Eggs are important commodities in the world. The production of chicken egg is global industries, which creates many jobs.

Facts about Eggs 4: the global production of eggs

The global production of eggs reached 62.1 million metric tons in 2009. They were generated from 6.4 billion hens. Look at facts about diet coke here.

Eggs Pic

Eggs Pic

Facts about Eggs 5: cookery

Egg is an important ingredient in cookery. It has been used to cook many kinds of foods. The modern food industry often uses it. Most of them use the chicken eggs. China and Thailand consider eggs as their daily food. In 2013, almost 59 percent of the global production of eggs was located in Asia.

Facts about Eggs 6: the special luxury food

When people want to cook the special luxury food, a delicacy egg is used. It may include the gull egg or ostrich egg.



Facts about Eggs 7: the producers of eggs

China is considered as the primary producer of chicken eggs with 24.8 million. It is followed by US, India and Japan. Find facts about donuts here.

Facts about Eggs 8: the dishes

Many dishes are created using eggs. They can be savory or even sweet.

Facts about Eggs

Facts about Eggs

Facts about Eggs 9: the common preparation of eggs

You can prepare eggs in various forms. You can soft boil, hard-boil, pickle, and fry or even scramble it.  Some people decide to eat it raw. However, it is not recommended for you will be prone to salmonellosis.

Facts about Eggs 10: flavor of eggs

The flavor of egg is different. The factors, which may affect the flavor, include the bird’s diet, storage and age of eggs.

Eggs Image

Eggs Image

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