10 Facts about Egypt Geography

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Facts about Egypt Geography give the information about the geography of Egypt. It spans on two areas of Southwest Asia and North Africa. The coastline of Egypt spans on the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Egypt covers the area of 386,662 miles square or 1,001,449 kilometer square. It shares border with other countries like Sudan, Israel and Libya.

Facts about Egypt Geography 1: the longest distance

The measurement of the longest distance in Egypt is 636 miles or 1,024 kilometers from the north to the south part. If it is measured from the east to west, it has the longest distance at 771 miles or 1,240 kilometers.

Facts about Egypt Geography 2: governorates

Egypt is a home of 27 governorates. The Upper Egypt has ten governorates, while Lower Egypt has nine governorates. The country also has two city-governorates. Both are Cairo Governorate and Alexandria Governorate.

Egypt Geography Pic

Egypt Geography Pic

Facts about Egypt Geography 3: the desert

Desert covers most parts of Egypt. The permanent settlement covers only 3.5 percent of the land area in Egypt.

Facts about Egypt Geography 4: the physical regions

The physical regions of Egypt are available in four major options. They are the Sinai Peninsula, Eastern Desert, Western Desert and Nile Valley and Nile Delta. The area, which spans from Nile River to the Red Sea coast, is included in Eastern Desert. The area, which spans from Nile west to the bordered area of Libya, is included in Western Desert. Check facts about Egyptian Jewelry here.

Facts about Egypt Geography

Facts about Egypt Geography

Facts about Egypt Geography 5: the most important regions

Bile Delta and Nile Valley are considered as the two most vital regions in Egypt even though both only cover 6.5 percent of the total area of the country.

Facts about Egypt Geography 6: the fertile land

The only fertile land in Egypt is located in Nile Delta and Nile Valley. Almost 99 percent of the people who live in the country are supported by the presence of both regions.

Egypt Geography Facts

Egypt Geography Facts

Facts about Egypt Geography 7: Nile Valley

Nile Valley spans from Aswan to Cairo with the length of 800 kilometers. The Lower Egypt is defined by the presence of Nile Delta, while Upper Egypt is located in Nile Valley.

Facts about Egypt Geography 8: Aswan Dam

Irrigation is important for agricultural industry in Egypt because of the construction of Aswan Dam. Look at facts about Egyptian Music here.

Egypt Geography Image

Egypt Geography Image

Facts about Egypt Geography 9: Nile Delta

Nile Delta sits on the low-lying area. It is also flat. This area is not preferable for agriculture due to the marshy state.

Facts about Egypt Geography 10: the extensive oasis

Due to the source of water from Nile River, Nile Delta and Valley are considered as the extensive oasis is in Egypt.

Egypt Geography Map

Egypt Geography Map

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