10 Facts about Egyptian Afterlife

Friday, October 27th 2017. | Cultures

The facts about Egyptian afterlife give you an insight about the belief of the ancient Egyptian people related to the life after they die. The Land of Two Fields was an important concept in the ancient Egyptian belief. They believed that it was a real place. After they died, they went to the Land of Two Fields. Osiris was the Egyptian God would open the door of the afterlife for the dead people. Why don’t you check the whole post below for details about Egyptian afterlife?

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 1: the good deeds

The good deeds were important to do by the Egyptians when they were alive. The heart of the people was lighter if they had good deeds. It means that they were capable to move into Ra’s board and sailed on the afterlife.

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 2: the bad deeds

If they had more bad deeds than the good ones, their heart would be heavier. It means that they could not board on Ra’s ship. They had to stay in the tomb.



Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 3: the crime

Due to the belief about the afterlife, the level of crime in ancient Egyptian period was low. The people wanted to reach the afterlife. Check facts about culture here.

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 4: the kingdom of the dead

The kingdom of the dead is another important concept to notice. The personality or ba and the body double or ka would be transported into the kingdom of the dead.



Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 5: the statues

The tombs of the dead featured the statues of the deceased as their substitutes.

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 6: the Book of the Dead

It was important for the ancient Egyptian people to have the ability to formulae the Book of the Dead and recite the passwords and spells if they wanted to reach the afterlife.

Egyptian Afterlife Facts

Egyptian Afterlife Facts

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 7: Ammit

Ammit is the name of the demon that would devour the dead who had heavier heart.

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 8: how to get to the afterlife

Another important practice conducted by the ancient Egyptian people to reach the afterlife was by having the mummification. Then, it would be put inside a sarcophagus. Get facts about Egyptian jewelry here.

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 9: the tomb

The tomb was not only filled with the body of the deceased, but also the Book of the Dead, jewelry and food.

Facts about Egyptian Afterlife 10: the physical body

The ancient Egyptians also believe that the akh, bar and ka were in the physical body. To reach the afterlife, those should be protected from any harm.



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