10 Facts about Egyptian Clothing

Sunday, April 22nd 2018. | Fashion

Ancient Egyptians live in an area with a hot, dry climate so that they wear light cloth. Temperatures in the desert often increase by more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The population’s clothes do not have much variety. They wear basic clothes and loincloths. What distinguishes clothing between higher and lower social status is the décor and the quality of the fabric.

Fact 1: Status Is Indicated By The Way Men Dress

The poorest man will wear a waist made of wool, linen, and cotton. The men also wore a linen covering skirt and tied with a belt. This skirt is called as Shendyt.

Fact 2: Tailoring Is Possible and Not Colored

The poor workers will sew the clothes as little as possible and the workers do not color their clothes so the clothes are white. This is because they want to look clean. White color can give a clean look on their body.

Clothing by Social Status

Clothing by Social Status

Fact 3: Skirts Wrapped Around the Feet in the Winter

Usually, the workers will wear skirts that can wrap around their feet and the skirt will look like a pair of pants. This skirt is worn during winter.

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Fact 4: The Richer You Get, the Lighter Your Clothing Material

This rule does not depend on any era. There are some clothes worn by priests and Pharaoh is the highest class. The material is almost transparent. The group uses silk and linen. The poor use wool, cotton, and linen.

Line of Ancient Egypt

Line of Ancient Egypt

Fact 5: Long Dresses for Women

Women wear long dresses with one or two shoulder straps and a few stitches. This dress depends on the period and the dress is under the breast but the woman wearing a dress that covers the chest.

Fact 6: the Dress is White

Usually, the women will wear a white dress in any era. They can change many styles of the dress and make pleated. Usually, women wear vertical pleating in the new kingdom and horizontally in the old kingdom. The folds of the fabric became more widespread during the middle kingdom. The folds look overlapping. The women also wear beads and feathers on the chest. Women will wear robes on top of the transparent dress.

Ancient Egypt Dress

Ancient Egypt Dress

Fact 7: Children Do Not Wear Clothes

Egyptian children do not wear clothes until the age of 6 years. The children will be allowed to wear clothes when they reach puberty. Children still wear jewelry such as hair accessories, bracelets, and necklaces. Children will wear coats in winter.

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Fact 8: Kalasiris Hanging Ornaments

Ancient Egyptian dress is a linen tunic equipped with hanging ornaments. The hanging is called kalasiris. No Kalasiris was found even though the hanging was worn for years.

Ancient Egypt Kalasiris

Ancient Egypt Kalasiris

Fact 9: The Length of the Skirt Varies According To the Era

The length of the skirt also varies throughout history. Men wear skirts above knee before 2055 BC. This is the time of the old kingdom. Men wear skirts up to touch the calf in the year 20555 BC to 1650 BC. This is the period of the middle kingdom. Men wear tunics equipped with sleeves and pleated skirts in 1650 BC to 1069 BC. This is the time of the new empire.

Fact 10: Shawl for Upper-Class Women

Upscale women in Ancient Egypt will wear scarves next to the clothes and this requires a lot of stitches.

That’s the fact that relates to Egyptian clothing. We do hope that these facts give you more knowledge about the Ancient Egypt history.