10 Facts about Egyptian Food

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The extensive use of fruits, vegetables and legumes characterize the Egyptian cuisine. All of them are produced in large amount of quantity by the Egyptian people. That is why their basic diet is rich of those ingredients. If you read the following post below, you will be informed with Facts about Egyptian Food. If you are a vegetarian, Egyptian food is the suitable one for you.  Fish and seafood are mainly found on the coast of Egypt and Alexandria.

Facts about Egyptian Food 1: the types of food

The type of food in a certain area of Egypt is mainly affected by the type of growing food on the ground.

Facts about Egyptian Food 2: meat and vegetables

Vegetables are more popular as the basic diet for most Egyptian people because of the expensive price of meat. Look at facts about eggs here.

Egyptian Food Facts

Egyptian Food Facts

Facts about Egyptian Food 3: spice

The most common spice used in Egyptian cuisine is cumin.  Spices have been accessible throughout the history of Egypt because the Red Sea port had been used as the major point of entry of spice from Europe.

Facts about Egyptian Food 4: other popular spices

Dill, ginger, cardamom, coriander, bay leaves, aniseed, chili, cloves, mint and cinnamon are the other popular types of spices.

Egyptian Food Image

Egyptian Food Image

Facts about Egyptian Food 5: meats

The meat taken from duck, chicken, pigeon and rabbit are the most popular ones to employ in Egyptian cuisines. Most of them are used to create soups and stews.

Facts about Egyptian Food 6: the popular fast food

The popular fast food in Egypt is the liver sandwiches. People in the country also eat the brain of sheep and cow.

Egyptian Food Tea

Egyptian Food Tea

Facts about Egyptian Food 7: cheese

Middle East was associated with cheese.  Mural of Egyptian tombs dated back in 2,000 BC described the cheese manufacturing.

Facts about Egyptian Food 8: the use of cheese

Cheese is important in the diet of Egyptian people for it is found in some traditional foods such as areesh, baramily, and istanboly. Look at facts about eggplants here.

Egyptian Food

Egyptian Food

Facts about Egyptian Food 9: eish baladi

Eish baladi is local bread, which resembles pita bread.  Bread is also significant as the primary diet of Egyptian food.

Facts about Egyptian Food 10: the popular dishes

One of the most popular dishes in Egypt is ful medames. Others include kushari and fava beans.

Facts about Egyptian Food

Facts about Egyptian Food

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