10 Facts about Egyptian Jewelry

Tuesday, August 8th 2017. | Cultures

If you like to study about ancient Egypt, check Facts about Egyptian Jewelry.  Not only the women, but also the men wore jewelry during the prehistoric, protodynastic and early dynastic periods.  The prevalent one is the flint jewelry. The flint was used to create armlets and bracelets.  The ancient Egyptian people took the flint from Upper Egypt and Giza. Why don’t you check the following post below for details about Egyptian jewelry?

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 1: rings

Rings were important jewelry for the ancient Egyptians people. The exact methods to produce rings were not known until today. The workshops and graves give a hint for the scientists to assume the method for creating rings by developing a number of theories.

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 2: the flint bracelets

If you are interested to check the flint bracelets, you can go to a number of museums such as Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pitt Rivers Museum, Fitzwilliam Museum and Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

Egyptian jewelry Facts

Egyptian jewelry Facts

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 3: popularity

The social class defined the lifestyle of the ancient Egyptian people. However, all people from different social classes liked to wear jewelry.

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 4:  why people wore jewelry?

The primary reason why the ancient Egyptian people wore jewelry was just for the aesthetic function. Get facts about ancient Egyptian life here.

Egyptian jewelry Images

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 5: the style

Most Egyptian jewelry was not made in voluminous design. They were heavy and superb. It was popular to wear jewelry in ancient Egypt.

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 6: the dress and jewelry

Most people wore jewelry to bring unique effect on their physical look because they only wore simple white linen fabrics. The jewelry would give a new look on them.

Egyptian jewelry Pic

Egyptian jewelry Pic

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 7:  the materials

Egyptian jewelry was made of a number of materials. The popular one was gold.  The precious metals and lustrous stones were also created for jewelry. They employed the bright colors. Look at facts about Egyptian housing here.

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 8: gold

Gold was mainly taken from eastern part of Egypt and Nubia. The latter one was included as a colony of Egypt.   The Egyptian people had to import silver for it was rare.  That is why gold was not more valuable than silver.

Egyptian jewelry

Egyptian jewelry

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 9: the semi-precious stones

Jasper, amethyst and carnelian were included as the semi-precious stones taken from the eastern desert.

Facts about Egyptian Jewelry 10: colors

People loved bright colors.  Thus, faience and glass were often employed.

Facts about Egyptian jewelry

Facts about Egyptian jewelry

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