10 Facts about Egyptian Music

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Facts about Egyptian Music give the interesting information about music in the Egyptian culture. Since the antiquity, music has been an important part of the Egyptians. Most musical instruments used by the ancient Hebrews were related to the Egyptian culture. Do you know that the ancient Greek music was deeply affected by the Egyptian music? Today, the Arabic music is used to define the modern music of Egypt. Let us get other unique facts about Egyptian music:

Facts about Egyptian Music 1: the tonal structure

The maqamat is used to define the tonal structure in Arabic music. The iqa’at is used to decide the rhythm of Arabic music. The accented and unaccented beats and rests will be used to create standard rhythmic modes.

Facts about Egyptian Music 2: Bat

Bat was a goddess in Egyptian culture cited as the inventor of music. Due to the similar depiction of Bat and Hathor, the cult of the former one was syncretised into the latter. Both were described as cows.

Egyptian Music Image

Egyptian Music Image

Facts about Egyptian Music 3: the music of Hathor

It was believed that Osiris employed the music of Hathor to rule the world under his reign. Get facts about ancient Egyptian life here.

Facts about Egyptian Music 4: the goddess of music

Besides Bat, the goddess of music was also attributed to Bastet.

Egyptian Music

Egyptian Music

Facts about Egyptian Music 5: the prehistoric Egypt

The magic and rituals were mainly implemented by performing music and chanting in the prehistoric Egypt. The rhythm was created from the music. The whistles were made of small shells.

Facts about Egyptian Music 6: the predynastic period

The funerary chants had significant value in the Egyptian religion during the predynastic period. A flute or clappers would be used to accompany the chants.

Facts about Egyptian Music

Facts about Egyptian Music

Facts about Egyptian Music 7: the musical instrument in Old Kingdom

Double clarinets, flute, and harps were the major musical instruments played in Old Kingdom. During the Middle Kingdom, the orchestras featured lutes and percussion instruments. Dance and music were also accompanied by cymbals. This tradition is still spotted in the country until today.

Facts about Egyptian Music 8: composition of ancient Egyptian music

Double harmonic scale, Phrygian scale, Lydian scale or Phrygian dominant scale was mostly found in the ancient Egyptian music. Find facts about Egyptian food here.

Egyptian Music Pic

Egyptian Music Pic

Facts about Egyptian Music 9:  the medieval Egyptian music

The Indian, Persian and Greek traditions affected the Medieval Egyptian music.

Facts about Egyptian Music 10: the Awalim

The Awalim was a term to call the female professional musician. Most of them earned higher payment than the male one.

Egyptian Music Facts

Egyptian Music Facts

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