10 Facts about Egyptian Paintings

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If you like to study about art, get Facts about Egyptian Paintings. The art of Egypt is not only related to painting, but also architecture and sculpture.  Painting and other arts were produced by the ancient Egyptian people in 3000 BC until 30 AD in the lower Nile Valley. The civilization was concentrated in the valley. The primary characteristics of Egyptian art were spotted on the symbolic value. The artistic style was changed over the last 3,000 years. If you are interested to find out the unique heritage of Egyptian paintings, why don’t you check facts about Egyptian paintings below?

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 1: the type of painting

Do you know the style of Egyptian paintings? They reflected the conservative style.

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 2: the surviving arts

The aftar life was very important in the life of ancient Egyptian people. There is no need to wonder that many monuments and tombs featured the art paintings.

Egyptian Paintings Facts

Egyptian Paintings Facts

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 3: the types of ancient Egyptian art

Ancient Egyptian art came in many forms. They include sculpture located in the wood, ceramic, stone, paintings, and jewelry, ivories, faience, and papyrus drawings.

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 4: the depiction in the paintings

The belief system and socioeconomic status of the ancient Egyptians were reflected on the paintings. Get facts about Egyptian Jewelry here.

Egyptian Paintings Image

Egyptian Paintings Image

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 5: the painting process

The flat surface was employed as the media to paint the less prestigious works in the palaces, temples and tombs. If the area was prestigious, the paint will be made in relief.

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 6: how to create painting

The whitewashed technique will be used to prepare the stone surface before it was painted. However, the paint could be applied directly in the fine limestone.

Egyptian Paintings

Egyptian Paintings

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 7: the pigments

The pigments used in the painting process were often created from minerals. The ancient Egyptian selected the best one, which resisted to fading. Look at facts about Egyptian music here.

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 8: the binding medium

The scientists believe that gums, resin, and egg tempera were employed as the binding medium for paintings.

Facts about Egyptian Paintings

Facts about Egyptian Paintings

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 9: fresco on secco

In Italian, the term fresco on secco is used to call the application of paint on dried plaster. This method was conducted in ancient Egypt to create painting.

Facts about Egyptian Paintings 10: a protective coating

The protection coating on the painting was represented by a resin or varnish.

Egyptian Painting

Egyptian Painting

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