10 Facts about Egyptian Tombs

Sunday, May 6th 2018. | History

Egyptian tomb is always interesting to discuss because it reveals many things. You can learn a little bit about ancient Egypt history by learning from their tombs. The information below shows to you some facts about Egyptian tombs.

Fact 1 : The Most Popular Egyptian Tomb

The most popular Egyptian tomb is found in the Valley of the Kings pyramid. This tomb is called as the Age of the Pyramid. The tomb was built in the Old Kingdom within 3rd up to 6th dynasty. The unique part is the position of the dead body which sleep from the lower castes and met the humbler ends.

Fact 2 : Egyptian Tomb Gives Information about the Dead body

The design of the tomb is different and it depends on the status of the person. If you are a poorer, you will be buried in shallow graves and covered with sand and a straw. The dead body will be covered with linen. You will see specific things such as meat, jewelry, and any kind of precious assets.

View of the central East Valley

View of the central East Valley

Fact 3: The Style of Upper and Lower Egyptian Tombs

Actually, the style of upper and lower Egyptian tomb is different. The lower Egyptian tomb represents the Nile River. You will see line made of mud bricks as the most common characteristic. On the other hand, upper Egyptian tomb had a long narrow with L shape without any specific structure.

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Fact 4: There Are More than One Mummy

One of interesting facts about Egyptian tomb is that sometimes you will see a tomb with more than one mummy. Some of the tombs are used for three up to five mummies. Those mummies are family who buried together. The location is also different and it depends on the status of the mummy.

Painted mummy bandage

Painted mummy bandage

Fact 5: Large Size of Tombs

Egyptian tomb is different than any kind of tomb. Some of the tombs are built in large size. In this case, the tomb will have an additional shaft or tunnel. The tunnel or shaft is connected to the chambers built for the family members. There is also a small chamber for the house of statue.

Fact 6: Special Tombs for the Royal Family

Egyptians really care about status and it is including the tombs and the location to put the tomb. The member of royal family will be buried in the royal cemetery. The design of the tomb is large and even you see a tomb chapel. The tomb also has a place for visitors to pray or put something for the death person.

Tomb of Ramesses IX

Tomb of Ramesses IX

Fact 7: Interesting Design of Egyptian Tomb

Most people are interested on the decoration of Egyptian tomb. The decoration shows something including the history of Egypt. For example, the tomb is decorated with reliefs, paintings, or hieroglyphic. Most of the decoration tells the daily activity and the status of the death person.

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Fact 8: The Outer Decoration of the Tomb

The outer decoration of the tomb is similar in which it is a text or hieroglyphic and it is hand craved. The text is taken from specific book entitled the Book of the Dead. The function of the text is a spell which guides the dead person during the rebirth process.

Entrance to a Royal Tomb

Entrance to a Royal Tomb

Fact 9: Tombs of Royal Family

Sometimes, you will find the tomb of member of royal family in the ordinary place just like a poorer people. Actually, it was a common request during the decline of power and prestige of the kings. As the result, they asked to be buried near their hometown.

Fact 10: Incredible Cemeteries at Giza

There are two incredible cemeteries at Giza. Those cemeteries consist of six hundred tombs. The tombs were built in mud brick and stone rubble. This is the place for unimportant workers.

Giza pyramid complex

Giza pyramid complex

Do you love to read those facts about Egyptian Tomb? I’m sure that those facts will surely give you more knowledge about ancient Egypt culture.