10 Facts about Egyptian Weapons

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Get the interesting Facts about Egyptian Weapons by reading the following post. The civilization of ancient Egypt was focused on the bank of Nile River. The first pharaoh of Egypt was capable to unite the Lower and Upper Egypt under one government. During the intermediate periods, the instability took place during a series of stable kingdoms in ancient Egypt.  A period of slow decline took place after the ancient civilization of Egypt had its peak during the New Kingdom. In the late period, foreign powers tried to conquer Egypt.

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 1: the end of pharaoh rule

In 31 BC, pharaoh did not rule Egypt since it was made into a province by the early Roman Empire under its conquest.

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 2: military

Military was established in Old and Middle Kingdoms.  The primary purpose was to depose the enemies out of Egypt.

Egyptian Weapons Facts

Egyptian Weapons Facts

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 3: the nomadic tribes

The Nile River Valley was fertile. During the ancient Egyptian era, it was a very important source of life. There is no need to wonder that the concentration of the population located at its bank. The nomadic tribes who lived in the desert tried to gain control over the valley due to its fertility.  Get facts about Egyptian Writing here.

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 4: the primary weapons

Bows and arrows were the prevalent types of weapons employed by the ancient Egyptians people to enfeeble the enemies.

Egyptian Weapons Image

Egyptian Weapons Image

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 5: the role of projectile weapons

Before the infantry launched an assault, the military will employ the projectile weapons to reduce the strength of the infantry.

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 6: other types of weapons

Other types of weapons employed during the military campaigns included javelins, spears, throw sticks, and slings. In most Egyptian history, they focused more on the use of bow and arrows.

Egyptian Weapons

Egyptian Weapons

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 7: the use of throw stick

The throw sticks were mainly used by the skilled infantry because of the simple design. Look at facts about Egyptian God Seth here.

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 8: the spear

A long wooden shaft was fitted with a blade from flint or copper to create a spear. At first, the ancient Egyptians employed the tool to hunt large animals.

Facts about Egyptian Weapons

Facts about Egyptian Weapons

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 9: the popularity of bow and arrow

During the pre-dynastic period, dynastic period, Christian and Islamic periods, the Egyptians still employed bow and arrow as their weapon.

Facts about Egyptian Weapons 10: horn bow

The horn bow was the first type of bow created by the ancient Egyptians. A central piece of wood was used to join two antelope horns.

Egyptian Weapon

Egyptian Weapon

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