10 Facts about Elder Abuse

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Facts about Elder Abuse talk about the abuse conducted toward the older people. It can be experienced by the older men and women. Some people call it senior abuse, elder mistreatment or even abuse in later life. Those terms mean similar. The laws have been enacted in a number of countries. The abuse can be conducted by a neighbor, a friend, a member of family, a spouse or a partner. If you want to know more about the elder abuse, check the important facts about elder abuse below:

Facts about Elder Abuse 1: family members

Family members are the people who often conducted the elder abuse. Therefore, the elder abuse is also called family violence and domestic violence. The elderly patients are also subject to abuse by the paid caregivers.

Facts about Elder Abuse 2: a global issue

Elder abuse is considered as one of the global issues in the world especially the one conducted by the caregivers.

Elder Abuse Facts

Elder Abuse Facts

Facts about Elder Abuse 3: WHO

Elder abuse becomes an international issue after WHO took it into the spotlight in 2002. Elder abuse has been considered as social problem by the professional groups, community and some government agencies. The organizations try to increase the awareness of the people related to the elder abuse by having various events in many countries around the world.

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Facts about Elder Abuse 4: the reports of abuse

Investigation should be conducted when the officials receive reports of abuse. They need to make sure, whether elder abuse occurs or the elder just makes false accusation due to their dementia or mental illness.

Elder Abuse Pic

Elder Abuse Pic

Facts about Elder Abuse 5: types of elder abuse

Elder abuse comes in a number of types. They include emotional abuse, physical abuse, right abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and abandonment.

Facts about Elder Abuse 6: physical abuse on elder

Physical abuse on elder may take a number of forms such as slapping, kicking, punching or even hitting the elders.

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Facts about Elder Abuse 7: financial exploitation

Financial exploitation on elder is also included in a type of elder abuse. The caregivers and family members try to exploit the financial resources of the elders.

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Facts about Elder Abuse 8: emotional abuse on the elders

Humiliation is a type of emotional abuses. It takes forms in verbal and non-verbal abuses. The latter one includes silence and ignorance. The verbal emotional abuse includes ridiculing or yelling the elders.

Facts about Elder Abuse

Facts about Elder Abuse

Facts about Elder Abuse 9: the abuse rate

The abuse rate was reported increasing from 44 percent according to the studies in 2,000 nursing home facilities in US. On the other hand, the rate of neglect to the elder reached 95 percent.

Facts about Elder Abuse 10: how to prevent elder abuse

If you want to prevent the elder abuse, you need to focus on the warning signs. It is easier to spot the physical abuse by checking the body.

Elder Abuse Fact

Elder Abuse Fact

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