10 Facts about Electric Cars

Wednesday, August 8th 2018. | Automotive

Facts about Electric Cars talk about the plug-in electric automobile. It features the rechargeable batteries, which store the energy and one to more electric motors. That is why; this car is called an electric car. The development of electric cars is due to the intension to reduce the consumption of oil and production of glass emission. Moreover, the development of batteries also increases the chance of the people to have an electric car without being powered by oil. The introduction and adoption of electric cars in the mass market have been supported by the local government by giving the owners the incentives, subsidies and tax credit. The price of electric cars in the market is according to the electric range and battery size. If you are interested to find out more about electric cars, check the following post below:

Facts about Electric Cars 1: the maximum tax credit

The United States government set the maximum tax credit for an electric car at $7,500 per car.

Facts about Electric Cars 2: the difference of electric cars with common cars

The common cars are very different from the electric cars. The former one has the international combustion engine with tailpipe emissions. The electric cars have lowered level of emission with quieter feature.

Electric Cars Facts

Electric Cars Facts

Facts about Electric Cars 3: charging stations

Since electric cars feature batteries, the owners should charge it regularly in the charging stations. They can be installed in the public areas or even houses.

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Facts about Electric Cars 4: the best selling electric cars

If you are interested to purchase electric cars, you can check Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf. Both are considered as the two best selling electric cars in the world. The EPA range for Tesla Model S 539 kilometer or 335 miles. The EPA range for Nissan Leaf is measured at 243 kilometer and 151 miles.

Facts about Electric Cars

Facts about Electric Cars

Facts about Electric Cars 5: the number of electric cars in the world

According to the report, the number of electric cars in the world is more than 2 million as of June 2017.

Facts about Electric Cars 6: Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is very popular in the world. The global sales of the car by January 2018 are more than 300,000 units.

Electric Cars

Electric Cars

Facts about Electric Cars 7: Tesla Model S

As of December 2017, the number of Tesla Model S sold in the world is around 213,000 units. It ranks as the second most popular electric car in the world.

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Facts about Electric Cars 8: cost of electric car

Even though electric car is cheaper to run, the price is higher than the internal combustion engine.

Electric Car Pic

Electric Car Pic

Facts about Electric Cars 9: the lease rate for an electric car

The lease rate for an electric car in United States is around 30 percent.

Facts about Electric Cars 10: the average operating cost for an electric car

In United States, people have to spend $485 per year for the operating cost for an electric car according to the report in 2018.

Electric Car

Electric Car

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