10 Facts about Electrical Engineering

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018. | Technology

Facts about Electrical Engineering elaborate the details about the professional engineering focused on the application of three primary subjects. There were electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. In the first half of the 19th century, the people began to notice on this discipline because of the commercial uses for the electric power, telephones and electric telegraph. Electronics became the important parts on the society because of the recording and broadcasting media. If you are interested to know more about electrical engineering, check the following post below:

Facts about Electrical Engineering 1: the invention of transistor

The cost of electronics is decreasing from time to time after transistor was invented. The integrated circuit was invented next. It is possible for the people to have the household object in cheaper price due to the invention of both items.

Facts about Electrical Engineering 2: the subfields

Are you interested to study electrical engineering? This discipline has a number of subfields, which include computer engineering, digital computers, electronics, telecommunications, power engineering, control systems, signal processing, microelectronics, instrumentation, radio frequency engineering and electronics.

Electrical Engineering Facts

Electrical Engineering Facts

Facts about Electrical Engineering 3: overlapping

Electrical engineering often overlaps with other types of subfields such as power electronics, hardware engineering, renewable energy, microwave engineering and electromagnetic.

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Facts about Electrical Engineering 4: electrical engineers

The people who have a degree in electronic engineering or electrical engineering are called an electrician engineers. Certification will be needed when the engineers practice the expertise.

 Electrical Engineering Image

Electrical Engineering Image

Facts about Electrical Engineering 5: the professional bodies

The professional bodies, which deal with electrical engineering, include the IET or Institution of Engineering and Technology and IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Facts about Electrical Engineering 6: the jobs

It is not hard for an electrical engineer to get a job since their expertise can be applied in many industries and workplaces. If you are interested to become a project manager, he or she should be able to deal with management skills and basic circuit theory.

Facts about Electrical Engineering

Facts about Electrical Engineering

Facts about Electrical Engineering 7: equipment and tools

When working on a certain project, the electrical engineer should apply various kinds of tools and equipment. They have to use the complicated manufacturing software or even a top-notch analyzer.

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Facts about Electrical Engineering 8: the interest to study electrical engineering

Since the beginning of the 17th century, many people were interested to study the electricity. One of the important figures in electrical study was William Gilbert.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Facts about Electrical Engineering 9: electrical study in 19th century

The intensive researcher about electricity was conducted in 19th century. The famous work during the era was the work of Georg Ohm.

Facts about Electrical Engineering 10: Michael Faraday

Another important figure who studied electricity is Michael Faraday. He was the famous scientist who set the foundation of electrical study. The basis of electric motor technology was set by this amazing scientist.

Electrical Engineering Pic

Electrical Engineering Pic

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