10 Facts about Electrical Safety

Thursday, August 23rd 2018. | Technology

Facts about Electrical Safety give the readers the information about the ways that people can do to avoid any electrical hazards. When an electrical engineer works, they have to follow the safe standard operating procedures. Dealing with electricity is not easy since it is a risky job. A contact with electricity can lead into electric shock. It can be the cause of serious injury. The worst case is death caused by electricity. The electrical products sold around the world are developed with strict requirement according to the rule of the agencies or governments. The safety standard should be applied by the manufacturers to their electrical products. Let us check other interesting facts about electrical safety below:

Facts about Electrical Safety 1: the safety tests

The safety tests will be performed on the electrical products. Some of the important tests include the Leakage Current Test, Ground (Earth) Bond & Ground Continuity Test, High Voltage Test, and Insulation Resistance Test. The tests should follow the national and international standards.

Facts about Electrical Safety 2: the most popular standard

The most popular standard used by the manufacturers in electrical safety is IEC 60335. The application is mostly for domestic tools.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Facts about Electrical Safety 3: the guidelines

The electrical safety guidelines in the workplace are defined to Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. Therefore, the electricians can work safely when they deal with the high or low voltage appliances.

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Facts about Electrical Safety 4: the universal test

The universal test for electrical safety occurs in the form of high voltage test. It can be applied to any kinds of electrical products. Before an electrical product is used by the customers, it should pass the high voltage test.

Electrical Safety Pic

Electrical Safety Pic

Facts about Electrical Safety 5: Insulation Resistance Test

The next type of test is called the Insulation Resistance Test. The voltage of 500 V to 1000 V will be applied on the product to find out the total resistance of the product’s insulation.

Facts about Electrical Safety 6: Earth Continuity Test

Earth Continuity Test is applied to get the information about the measurement of the ground and outside metal of the product. The higher current will be applied on the product. It can be measured at 25 to 60 A.

Electrocution Facts

Electrocution Facts

Facts about Electrical Safety 7: the importance of Earth Continuity Test

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Earth Continuity Test is very important to perform by the manufacturers of electric products because it can prevent any electric shock due to the failure in the insulation. The test usually is conducted in double current in India.

Facts about Electrical Safety 8: Line Leakage Test

Line Leakage Test is also called Leakage Current Test. It is applied to prevent any leakage current on the product.

Facts about Electrical Safety

Facts about Electrical Safety

Facts about Electrical Safety 9: medical devices

The medical devices are always tested with Line Leakage Test. It is mandatory for the manufacturer to do the test.

Facts about Electrical Safety 10: the visual inspection

The visual inspection is also performed by the electrician to find any damages or failure on the products.

Electrical Safety Image

Electrical Safety Image

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