10 Facts about Electricians

Saturday, August 18th 2018. | Technology

Facts about Electricians talk about a profession, which focuses on the electronically wiring for equipments, tools, stationary machines and buildings. Becoming an electrician is not easy. They often face dangerous situation since they have to deal with electricity. The workplace hazard is in high risk for the electricians. The risk of being injured by the electricity can be reduced if the electricians perform the safety procedures. The fault in the system may lead into electric shock. The electricians can be injured when they have direct contact with it. Let us find out other interesting facts about electricians below:

Facts about Electricians 1: the danger of electric arc

The hazardous amount of light and heat will be produced from an electric arc. The direct contact can injure the skin and eyes.

Facts about Electricians 2: training

When a person is interested to become an electrician, he or she should follow a certain training program. They will be able to measure the danger of a certain electrical work and minimize the risk.

Electricians Facts

Electricians Facts

Facts about Electricians 3: the protective equipment

Electricians should own their personal protective equipment when they work on a particular electrical wiring. The body is protected from the shock if the electricians wear hard hats and work boots. They should also wear special gloves.

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Facts about Electricians 4: the number of electrical workers

Between 1992 until 2003, the number of electrical workers in United States was 34 percent from the total electrocutions of construction workers.

Electricians Pic

Electricians Pic

Facts about Electricians 5: the working condition

It is not easy to define the working condition for an electrician because it will be determined according to the specialization of the worker.

Facts about Electricians 6: the general work

Lifting tools and supplies and climbing ladders are considered as the common works for an electrician. Working in an awkward location is also prevalent for an electrician. If they have to work in tight space, they have to kneel, squat or bend the body. The work site is not always clean and neat. Some electricians have to deal with the dirty location. They might have to work inside or outside the building.

Facts about Electricians

Facts about Electricians

Facts about Electricians 7: industry

Electricians also spotted working for industries. They have to go to the industrial plant. During the work, they are exposed to noise, dust and heat. Though they are not comfortable with the working condition, they have to deal it as a professional one.

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Facts about Electricians 8: union members

There are unions, which represent electricians in many parts of the world.



Facts about Electricians 9: unions in North America

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is one of the union found in North America.

Facts about Electricians 10: how to become an electrician in United States

The people who want to become an electrician in the United States should follow an apprenticeship program. They will be trained about electrical building codes and electrical theory.



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