10 Facts about Electricity

Tuesday, August 7th 2018. | Technology

Facts about Electricity elaborate the important information about the presence of electric charge. It is included as one of the most studied physical phenomena. Electric discharge, electric heating, static electricity and lightning are a number of cases related to electricity. An electric field is produced from the presence of electric charge. It can be negative or positive charge. Coulomb’s law is used to define the magnitude of the force of a charge placed in a non-zero electric field.

Facts about Electricity 1: modern technologies

Many modern technologies will never work without the presence of electricity. You can energize many equipments and tools because of the electric current produced by the electric power.

Facts about Electricity 2: electronics

Electronic circuits are found various electronics. The integrated circuits, diodes, transistors and vacuum tubes.

Electricity and Faraday

Electricity and Faraday

Facts about Electricity 3: types of electronics

The types of electronics, which always need electricity, include washing machine, vacuum cleaner, TV, microwave, electric stove, mixer, blender, and others. Without electricity, it will be hard for those electronics to execute the job.

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Facts about Electricity 4: the study about electricity

The study about electricity has been conducted since the antiquity. The however, it was not easy for the scientists to study this field.

Electricity Facts

Electricity Facts

Facts about Electricity 5: the use of electricity

Before the 19th century, the study about electricity was slow. The application of electricity for the residential and industrial use occurred in the end of 19th century.

Facts about Electricity 6: the Second Industrial Revolution

The Second Industrial Revolution was driven by the practical application of electricity. The society and industry were highly transformed and expanded. Electricity made everything easier to do.

Electricity Image

Electricity Image

Facts about Electricity 7: the fields, which use electricity

Many aspects of life depend on electricity such as computation, communications, lighting, heating and transportation. Modern industrial society depends on the presence of electrical power. The residential homes also use various kinds of electronics to do their core household jobs such as cooking, cleaning and washing. During the evening, they can turn on the light because of electricity.

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Facts about Electricity 8: the practical incandescent light bulb

In 1870s, the practical incandescent light bulb was invented for the first time. The electrical power became available for public use to enlighten their home using the bulb.

Electricity Pictures

Electricity Pictures

Facts about Electricity 9: electricity in telecommunication

Telecommunication also uses electricity. The earliest application of electricity in telecommunication was spotted on the Cooke and Wheatstone’s electrical telegraph. It was used for commercial purpose in 1837. In 1860s, the people only needed to wait for minutes to get the message from the telegraph system.

Facts about Electricity 10: transportation

Therefore, you know that a number of transportation also applies electricity. It can be spotted in electric train and buses. In the automobile industry, the engineers also try to expand their cars with battery powered electric system.

Facts about Electricity

Facts about Electricity

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