10 Facts about Electrocution

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You will get more explanation about serious injury or death caused by the electric shock on Facts about Electrocution. When you have electric current passing the body, it leads into death if it is not handled properly. The accidental death caused by the electric current or electric shock is also included in the electrocution. The term electrocution is derived from two words. They are electro and execution. The non-fatal injuries related to electricity are also included as electrocution. Have you ever experienced any electrocution in your life? You have to be careful since the primary risk is death. Let us find out other impressive information about electrocution below:

Facts about Electrocution 1: the term electrocution

The term electrocution was originated in United States in 1889. At that time, the term was used to define the electrical execution. The suicidal electric death and accidental death were not referred to electrocutions.

Facts about Electrocution 2: the present day meaning of electrocutions

The present day meaning of electrocution has been expanded since all deaths and injuries related to electricity are included as electrocution. The primary cause of the injury and death in electrocution is the electric shock.

Electrocution Facts

Electrocution Facts

Facts about Electrocution 3: the first recorded injury of electric shock

The fabricated electricity can cause injury if it is not handled properly. The first recorded injury due to the electric shock was known in the Netherlands in 1746. Andreas Cuneus had the extreme electric shock when he worked with a leyden jar. Do you know that Cuneus was the lab assistant of Pieter van Musschenbroek?

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Facts about Electrocution 4: the first recorded accidental death

In 1879, the first accidental death was recorded. This unfortunate accident occurred on a state carpenter because he touched a 250-volt wire in Lyon, France. At that time, the theatrical state lightning, arc lighting and lighthouses were powered by using the high voltage electrical system.

Electrocution Image

Electrocution Image

Facts about Electrocution 5: the arc light

The street lighting was often installed with arc lighting in 19th century. Many people died because of the contact with the high voltage light.

Facts about Electrocution 6: the mark

The mark was absent on the victim’s body after he or she was shocked with the high voltage electricity.



Facts about Electrocution 7: the electric chair

In the late `1890s, an electric chair was invented and used as an official method for punishing the criminal with death sentence.

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Facts about Electrocution 8: official capital punishment

Electric chair was selected as the official capital punishment in New York. It was believed that it was more humane.

Facts about Electrocution

Facts about Electrocution

Facts about Electrocution 9: the health hazard

Two major factors affect the health hazard of an electrocution. Both are the length of time and amount of electric current.

Facts about Electrocution 10: heart

The heart will stop working when it cannot sustain the electric current, which passes the body. It leads into death.

Electrocution Pic

Electrocution Pic

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