10 Facts about Electrolytes

Monday, August 20th 2018. | Chemistry

Facts about Electrolytes talk about an electrically conducting solution. Water is one of the most common examples of polar solvent, which can dissolve the solution. The anions and cations will be separated in the dissolved electrolytes. If both are uniform, the solution is neutral. The electrode with many electrons will get the cations of the solution when an electric potential is applied. On the other hand, the electrode with lack of electrons will get the anions. If you are interested to learn more about electrolyte, check the following post below:

Facts about Electrolytes 1: the movement of anions and cations

The concept of anions and cations is important to learn if you want to know about electrolyte. Both will move into a different direction when the solution is applied on an electric potential.

Facts about Electrolytes 2: the examples of electrolyte

Electrolyte may take a form in some gas. Hydrogen chloride can be used as an electrolyte if it has low level of pressure and high level of temperature.

Electrolytes Facts

Electrolytes Facts

Facts about Electrolytes 3: the production of electrolyte

Electrolyte can be generated naturally. Polypeptides and DNA are some biological electrolyte solution.

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Facts about Electrolytes 4: other examples of electrolyte

Can you mention other examples of electrolytes? They include magnesium, calcium, chloride, phosphate, potassium, and sodium. The informal terms for those are lytes.

Electrolytes Pic

Electrolytes Pic

Facts about Electrolytes 5: electrolyte and health

Do you know that electrolyte has something to do with the health of human being? When you have a hard athletic activity, diarrhea or vomiting, you will need an electrolyte replacement to keep the body fresh and fit again.

Facts about Electrolytes 6: the commercial production of electrolyte

The commercial production of electrolyte is available in market. You can go to the supermarket or stores in town to buy electrolyte solutions. The sport drinks are marketed for the athletes. The Suero Oral, oral rehydration solution and Pedialyte are available for the sick kids.



Facts about Electrolytes 7: electrolyte monitoring

A person who has bulimia or anorexia should have electrolyte monitoring to maintain their health.

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Facts about Electrolytes 8: the hormones

Parathyroid, aldosterone and antidiuretic are the hormones, which regulate the electrolyte homeostasis in our body. The neurological and cardiac complications might occur because of lack of balance on electrolyte. It can be overhydration or dehydration. The medical emergency will be needed to handle the problem. The blood testing will be performed as the diagnostic procedure to measure the electrolytes in the body. Another major test is on the urine of the patient to check the imbalance of electrolytes.

Facts about Electrolytes

Facts about Electrolytes

Facts about Electrolytes 9: oral rehydration therapy

Oral rehydration therapy is needed for the people who lose electrolyte concentration in the body.

Facts about Electrolytes 10: the lost of electrolyte

There are a number of causes for electrolyte loss. They include heavy sweating, excessive alcohol consumption, vomiting, and heavy exercise. This condition mostly occurs on athletes with heavy exercise.

Electrolytes Image

Electrolytes Image

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