10 Facts about Electron Microscope

Tuesday, August 14th 2018. | Science

Facts about Electron Microscope present the information about a microscope with the source of light from a beam of accelerated electrons. That is why this microscope is called as an electron microscope. People use the electron microscope to know the structure of smaller objects. The electron microscope is more preferable than the light microscope when you want to see the object in details due to its amazing higher resolving power. In the annular dark field-imaging model, the electron microscope has better performance for it exceeds 50 pm resolution. Let us get other interesting facts about electron microscope below:

Facts about Electron Microscope 1: magnifications

Many people are impressed with the ability of an electron microscope when displaying the details and structures of an object. It has powerful magnifications level. The magnification for most light microscopes is less than 2000x with 200 nm resolutions for the diffraction. The magnification of an electric microscope can reach up to 10,000,000x.

Facts about Electron Microscope 2: the lens

The lens used in electron microscope is special. It features the electron optical lens system. On the other, the optical light microscope only features glass lenses.

Electron Microscope Parts

Electron Microscope Parts

Facts about Electron Microscope 3: the purpose for developing electron microscope

Do you know why people develop the electron microscope? The scientists want to have a microscope, which enables them to investigate and view the ultrastructure of inorganic and biological specimen. There is no need to wonder that electron microscope is applied to know the structure of crystal, metal, biopsy sample, molecules, cells and microorganisms.

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Facts about Electron Microscope 4: the application of electron microscope in industries

If you think that electron microscope is only employed in biology or science, you are wrong. The failure and quality control in the industries also use this tool.

Electron Microscope Pictures

Electron Microscope Pictures

Facts about Electron Microscope 5: the modern version

You can capture images of a certain object in detail with the modern version of electron microscopes. They feature the frame grabbers and digital cameras.

Facts about Electron Microscope 6: electromagnetic lens

The electromagnetic lens was developed by Hand Busch in 1926.

Facts about Electron Microscope

Facts about Electron Microscope

Facts about Electron Microscope 7: the developers

The developers of the first electron microscopes were Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll who did the job in 1931.

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Facts about Electron Microscope 8: the magnification

The magnification of the first electron microscope reached 400x. The light microscope was defeated at that time due to this amazing invention.

Electron Microscope Image

Electron Microscope Image

Facts about Electron Microscope 9: the patent for electron microscope

In May 1931, the patent for electron microscope was awarded for the scientific director of Siemens-Schuckertwerke. He was Reinhold Rudenberg. Siemens produced the first commercial electron microscope in 1938. Eli Franklin Burton helped by his students like Albert Prebus, James Hillier and Cecil Hall created the first North American electron microscope in 1938.

Facts about Electron Microscope 10: the disadvantages of using this microscope

Even though electron microscope has many benefits, it is not easy for the people to maintain it due to the high expense. They have to spend a lot of money too to build the tool.

Electron Microscope Facts

Electron Microscope Facts

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