10 Facts about Electronic Dance Music

Friday, August 17th 2018. | Music

Facts about Electronic Dance Music inform the readers about percussive electronic music genres. This type of music is often played in the festivals, raves and nightclubs. People also like to call the electronic dance music as dance music, dance, club music or EDM. The DJs always use the EDM to impress the crowds since they use the music as the playback. A Live PA is used to call a festival or concert for the music live performance of EDM producers. The common term to call this genre in Europe is dance or dance music. Let me show you other interesting facts about electronic dance music below:

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 1: the popularity in Europe

In Europe, electronic dance music earned the mainstream popularity in the end of 1980s and beginning of 1990s. It was due to the high interest on the club culture.

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 2: the non-universal acceptance

Though the EDM was influential in America and Europe, it has not been globally accepted by the people due to the negative stereotype. This genre was associated with drug culture. Thus, the policies and laws were established to reduce the influence of the rave culture.

Electronic Dance Music Facts

Electronic Dance Music Facts

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 3: the new millennium

The global acceptance of EDM took place in 2000s during the new millennium. It also spread into United States and Australia.

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Facts about Electronic Dance Music 4: rebranding

Rebranding was conducted to reduce the negative stereotype of the new genre. Thus, people called it EDM or electronic dance music by the beginning of 2010s.

Electronic Dance Music Imag

Electronic Dance Music Imag

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 5: the big umbrella

Electronic dance music is used as the big umbrella, which covers many genres like Dubstep, trance, house, drum and bass and techno.

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 6: increasing popularity

The live events and gigs play an important role, which increases the popularity of electronic dance music.

Electronic Dance Music Pic

Electronic Dance Music Pic

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 7: hiring DJs

The promoters prefers to hire DJs for their shows, festivals or events rather than calling the traditional musicians since they can produce more profits to them. A DJ can play their music for four hours. On the other hand, a band can only play for 45 minutes.

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Facts about Electronic Dance Music 8: the electronic dance music festival

The DJs capture the attention of the people. They begin to get the celebrity status. They are often hired to perform in the notable electronic dance music festivals like Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 9: the arenas

Today the trend is shifting since the venue for electronic dance music festival is held on the arenas rather than on the nightclubs.

Facts about Electronic Dance Music 10: the famous figures

The famous figures in electronic dance music include Skrillex, Deadmau5 and David Guetta.

Dj Playing The Track

Dj Playing The Track

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