10 Facts about Elephant Island

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We will talk about the Facts about Elephant Island in the following post. The name of the island is unique. The early explorers found out that the shores of the island were inhabited by the elephant seals. That is why they called it Elephant Island due to the sightings. The location of the ice covered mountainous island is on the coast of Antarctica. It is not easy for the people to stay in Elephant Island due to the cold temperature. Goeldi was the shelter owned by Brazil in Elephant Island. During the summer season, it will be used by at least 6 researchers. In the summer 1997/1998, Wiltgen was not used anymore as a shelter. Find out other interesting facts about Elephant Island below:

Facts about Elephant Island 1: the orientation of Elephant Island

Can you guess the orientation of Elephant Island? It has the east-west orientation.

Facts about Elephant Island 2: the highest elevation

The highest elevation of Elephant Island is located at Pardo Ridge. It has the height of 2,799 feet or 853 metres.

Elephant Island Image

Elephant Island Image

Facts about Elephant Island 3: the importance features

There are a number of important features in Elephant Island. People give them the name. A spit located at the north coast of the Elephant Island is called Point Wild. The primary discharge glacier in the island is named Endurance Glacier. The southern and northeastern extremes have Cape Lookout, Cape Valentine and Cape Yelcho.

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Facts about Elephant Island 4: the whales

The number of whales, which usually visit Elephant Island, is decreasing over the years. The primary reason was due to the illegal whaling.

Elephant Island

Elephant Island

Facts about Elephant Island 5: the flora and fauna

You will never find any native flora and fauna in the island. However, Elephant Island is a home to some migratory animals like chinstrap penguin, elephant seals, and gentoo penguins.

Facts about Elephant Island 6: the human settlement

It will be hard for human being to settle in the Elephant Island for a long period due to the lack of safe anchorage. However, the activities like whaling, fishing and scientific research can be conducted amazingly here.

Facts about Elephant Island

Facts about Elephant Island

Facts about Elephant Island 7: the weather in the island

You should never expect warm weather in Elephant Island since it is located in the Antarctic. It has much snow. Foggy is considered as the common term used to define the normal weather in Elephant Island. The speed of the wind can reach 100 miles per hour or 160 kilometer per hour.

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Facts about Elephant Island 8: discovery of Elephant Island

On 29 January 1821, Elephant Island was discovered by Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev with his First Russian Antarctic expedition. It was called Mordvinov Island.

Elephant Island Pic

Elephant Island Pic

Facts about Elephant Island 9: the refuge

In 1916, Ernest Shackleton and his crew tried to reach Elephant Island to save themselves after they lost their ship.

Facts about Elephant Island 10: historic site

Do you know that Elephant Island had some historic sites? Endurance Memorial Site is located at Point Wild where it features some plaques along with a bust of Captain Pardo.

Elephant Island Facts

Elephant Island Facts

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