10 Facts about Elephant Poaching

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Facts about Elephant Poaching talk about the serious decline of elephants. The illegal trade and poaching on elephants still occur until this present day. The population of elephant is decreasing over the years. The population was 1.3 million 1942. It was decreased into 600,000 elephants in 1989. The international ivory trade is considered as the primary problem, which made the population of elephant decrease. However, the ivory traders deny the claim and state that the habitat loss is the reason why the elephant’s population keeps decreasing. Let us find out the details about elephant poaching below:

Facts about Elephant Poaching 1: the killing number

The number of elephants, which had been killed in last 10 years, reached 75,000 individual. The primary cause was for their ivory, which cost 1 billion dollars. The illegal killing marked 80 percent of the number.

Facts about Elephant Poaching 2: Jim Nyamu

Jim Nyamu is an activist who tries to save the elephants. He believed that elephant poaching was conducted in systematic and organized way. The activists had to face a great danger if they tried to stop them.

Facts about Elephant Poaching

Facts about Elephant Poaching

Facts about Elephant Poaching 3: CITES

Have you ever heard about CITES? It stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The best way that the activists believe can reduce the elephant poaching is by controlling the international trade of ivory.

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Facts about Elephant Poaching 4: Africa

Elephant poaching is considered as a big issue in Africa though it is not the only problem for the elephant. The migration pattern is also disrupted when the farmland is fenced by the people.

Elephant Poaching Pic

Elephant Poaching Pic

Facts about Elephant Poaching 5: the stocks of ivory

CITES found out that Burundi and Singapore had 89.5 and 297 tonnes of ivory in 1986 and 1987. It was very surprising due to the facts that Singapore had not had any elephant. At the same time, Burundi only had one live elephant. It was believed that the stock was from the poached elephants.

Facts about Elephant Poaching 6: the international trade

It is hard for the people to control the international trade of ivory. The syndicates involved in this organized poaching earned a lot of money.

Elephant Poaching

Elephant Poaching

Facts about Elephant Poaching 7: UAE statistics

In 1987 and 1988, the statistics found that more than 200 tonnes of raw ivory were important to UAE. More the 50 percent of them were originated from Tanzania where ivory trade was banned.

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Facts about Elephant Poaching 8: the support from WWF

In the mid 1989, WWF offered their support for banning the ivory trade. The African and Asian elephants are threatened because of international and national ivory trade.

Elephant Poaching Facts

Elephant Poaching Facts

Facts about Elephant Poaching 9: Great Britain

It was reported that 4,000 elephant had to die due to the consumption of ivory in Great Britain in 1831.

Facts about Elephant Poaching 10: China

It was believed that China was the largest market for ivory trade. However, the country stated that they would ban the ivory trade from Chinese market.

Elephant Poaching and Ivory Mask

Elephant Poaching and Ivory Mask

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